Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hyper-Happy versus No-Happy

Retroactively speaking it never took much to keep my hyper happy levels from sinking lower than hypohappy .Way too many surfacey concepts have consistently ensured that ecstasy( emotion) was a frequent emotional response and ecstatic an often visited state of mind.Mostly though it was a seasonal sort of thing. You could not have found a happier soul, come the christmas holiday season between the lights and the glitter and the sparkle, there was no need for any additional emotional backup for keeping the happiness hyper and consistent. Springtime brought the floral euphoria of weeping pink flowered cherry trees and the everwhere utopia of spring gardens like the pretty in flirtatious purple crocus peeking out of the snow and then you got tulips /hyacinths and daffodils.Summer has the most ethereal rose garden blooming thing goin on especially that first growth where all the roses bloom in unison .English roses have the most awesome petal arrangements and the miniature roses are sooo perfect Then theres the summer fireworks festivals for contemplating fleeting beauty in all its glory . The disconcerting issue thats annoying my everywhere brain is the fact that surfacey concepts are not keeping me as hyperhappy as they used to be doin. Spending my paycheck on scrapbook supplies for scrapbooks that I will be doin when im old gray and tired is not the answer for meaningful preserveration of old memories .Other than clear rubbermaid storage boxes with primary red/ green and blue (glitter pink apparently sold out quickly) lids filled with scrapbooking supplies and other impulse purchases season specific ( for the house I will own one day and eventually decorate per season ) there isnt much in terms of proof of validity on the purchases nor any signs of longterm happiness associated with the cumulative collectings of a consistently increasing number of clear storage bins of glitter/ sparkle/supplies/christmas lights /st patrick good luck charms /dried autumn glitter floral arrangements and wishful thinking all neatly stored in groups of three high. I need to start incorporating real depth /focus/ direction . I need to stop being drawn in to and attracted to the hype and the sparkle and I need to start differentiating between whats real /longterm and hype /shorterm. You cant judge "happy the storage bin" by its lid. even if the lid is pink and sparkly contents may have expiration dates and may not be giving you happiness forever and ever and just becuz a lid is a regular run of the mill primary color like blue it is no reflection on the value of the contents . there is potential happiness in a lot of stuff the trick is not wasting your efforts on the short term only stuff but that doesnt mean the short term happiness is not valid or should not be sorted every once in a while but it should be what your main storage box is full of .