Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quintessential Quixote Quoting

"He jumped up on his horse and rode off in all directions" Don Quixote .
I love this quote, mostly cuz its basically my soul's slogan.
Its definitely the default mission statement, pre-programmed on my neuronal circuitry system's hard drive. The quintessential question though still remains , what would be considered a greater inherent life accomplishment: acquiring many different quaint cubicle positions in a short amount of space and time, or occupying one cubicle for a long stretch of space and time. Is it the diversity and the knowledge acquired in the different fabric/plexicrap paneled cubicles and the impressive talent used to attain those flexible panels of days gone by, or the consistency and ability to sit in one cubicle and focus on one individual companys keyboard and mission statement until the end of time and space and or other natural distractions like power outages/coming of the kids and arrival of a husband or two .

I guess the first question is : what are you using to build your cubicle curriculum ? Is it a flexible panel system the "Rolling Wall" or something more permanent like a complicated Tayco built in panel system .
Second question is what color is your cubicle : Fading Fabric/Focused Crystal Clear Plexiglass/Colorful disarray of everywhere/everything/mission statements/rules and art.
Third: What sort of cubicle curriculum ethic are you modeling your career after : A Runaway Cubicle Quitter/Cubicle Sitter/Cubicle Coordinater/Cubicle Fixer/Cubicle Lover/Cubicle Acquirer/Cubicle Owner/Cubicle Decorater/Cubicle Creater.
Or Union Square Booth Lady.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas and Merry Morning

NYC is definitely my favorite playground . How can you not be merry in the morning passing all this color and art . Boredom and hum drum are scarce. Iridescent color /flirty fun /thrills and acute excitement are running rampant throughout the different parts of NYC's diverse playground areas.Every Ave is a different mood.Every park has its own theme. The fusion of everywhere /everything/ colorful glitter /intellectual pursuits/the sparkledust of exciting everyday happenstance and a plethora of opportunities and lewd comments and suggestions, is what makes NYC the most awesome place on earth.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Color is Your Tinsel Tree or Outlook

If ure stuck and cant decide what metallic shade of tinsel best represents your iridescent essence just go with all the colors. Be the best everywhere person you can possibly be . Travel hard and often down every right path in unison or in sequence . Marry often . Choice/decision/yes or no / pink or black / gemologist or pharmacist/ brooklyn or manhattan/ jewelry designer or writer/pharmacology or talkology/argumentive/perceptive/ Pollyana/Pippi Longstocking /Peter Pan/ Sponge Bob Square Pants/ South Park/ The Care Bears ....religious or athiest/ dog runner or egg donor/call girl or waitress/ Bar owner or Bar decorator /chabad or aish or kinky jews/ Zionist or Nomadist/ Hippy or Hip Hop. Why is every choice negating by default the rest of the options. . Why would anyone work for their cake or tinsel if they cant eat it or sparkle too.It doest have to be that way.
So the next time your faced with way too many right choices and right paths , just choose Everything/ all choices/ all paths. Stuff will probally stay exciting for way longer , yeah its that simple really.

Tuesday in a Tizzy

So accomplishments for Tuesday include but R not limited to the following :
1) While waiting for a tardy friend to show up , I think I was mistaken for a prostitute by a religious looking individual. I guess my bitchy comebacks assured him I was not interested in flirting with him, his furry looking hat and not that hungry for paid love either. I attract the most interesting sexual energy sometimes.
2) I got good pictures of holiday merriment and funky decor in broad daylight.
3) I found my favorite shade of coral and red mix sweatshirt on sale at the Gap.
4) My camera has this awesome setting for christmas lights .

5) I almost have a new cubicle of the week .
6) I hope I can convince them to include crystal colored chandeliers in their general product ,manufacturing /importing and promoting. Maybe I can get them to hang one over my new cubicle .

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jaded's Ladder

When life gives you a unstable plywood oriented ladder laminated with a thin veneer of musty maple for climbing, with less than sturdy rungs and rusty camlock screw cores for focus, just continue collecting sparkledust specks of lovingkindness/ glitter outlooks of goodness /& iridescent bubbles and bulbs.You may not be goin up in the rungs of life, but at least you have the glitter of goodness to distract and detract from just how far sideways your not soaring. Just be certain the tin cans of caring ure trusting with all your glitter and sparkle bubbles and belief bulbs of sudsy aspirations ,dont have no rusty outlooks and tinily understand how u want to spread the light of iridescent insights in colorful presentations of depth/ function /focus and purpose. Then it doest really matter if your adhering to the proverbial linear upward ladder rung trailways .Sometimes lateral sidetracking can also pave the way towards total unadulterated altruism / runaway everwhere lovingkindness and hyper happiness .

Redecorating The Blue and White Tinsel of Timeless Traditions

So I just need to emotionally color the Blue and White Tinsel of Timeless Traditions a hazy shade of "Iridescent Why" or maybe "Winter Green Wonder" , like the pretty wreaths in Madison Square Park artfully decorated with eloquent wispy shades of ambiguous silver bows of merriment. Also, I just dont get Hannuka mostly. And all that lets be happy and celebrate, how exactly is one suppose to lets be happy and celebrate.That is just a wee bit difficult, all things considering and contemplating. I dont get alot of things, but Hannuka is just annoying in general and it tends to get increasingly so, every time I get unsolicited related holiday wishes. I DONT DO HANNUKAH PERIOD. As such, I find it exceedingly difficult bordering on acutely painful to pretend to rejoice about concepts I dont understand. Nor do I need any related wishes /hopes /dreams and I certaintly dont need any invites to events associated with the oily /esoteric concepts and themes. So please refrain from the hannukah related friendly overtures /group hugs /invites and loving the light and embracing the oily lectures. I would sincerely suggest you allocate these well meaning overtures and tendencies to those a little more hannukah friendly and needy. I for one, am perfectly content with the more mainstream merry making /mostly universal lights theme- without any laws , sparkly and colorful tinsel oriented decorations and the awesome , multicolored ethereal projects of iridescent color. The epitome of all lighthouse oriented activities, the awesome holiday decorated houses and outdoor property parts.
Have a Merry Morning and Month

Stringin along on the Strands of Time

I thought this was quite the lovely coral display on lower Broadway in the beads of plenty and cheap perfume district.The only question is what made those pretty strung along lights go dim among the pretty coral strands.Or were they just not in the mood of sparkling anymore especially during the day when there is all that conflicting messages of saw the light or redefining of saw the light sunlight already out there. So basically there's usually a plethora of figuretive lighthouses all with their own versions of beckoning/blinding light and enchanting ideologies and promises of safe shores and acute connection. Then you've got a plethora of Lighthouse nay-keepers redefining the lighthouses in question and pointing out all the inconsistencies / conflicting ideologies /general flawed theories /mystical myopic oriented myths and falsehoods/fairytales eagerly absorbed by those of the Pollyana Persuasion who are only too happy to be strung along on the strands of brightly colored myopic myth and the blue and white tinsel of timeless traditions.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

When Life insists on the Fickle Limp Foliage ......

So yeah , when life insists on the limp/ fickle /lukewarm/ green foliage ,place yourself or the foliage in winter white earthenware and wrap it all up with a pretty red merry bow for pure holiday cheer promoting.It usually works even on cold rocky pavement.
Whats not to be merry about.G-d Loves You in case your having trouble seeing that amidst the clouds/ sleet / hail storms and other showerings of love. Its just soooo obvious ,cuz like if I would be responsible committed to all sorts of commitees and commitments and sincerely serious and know right from wrong, (of which I really obviously have no excuse not to be knowing after all that expensive tuition oriented private schooling), then I wouldnt be so lazy/ambiguous/lost in the shuffle/hazy shade of haziness about stuff and choices and direction and everything would be as obvious as Ruby the Beautiful Red Bow ,beckoning the garden hoe to continue cultivating the limp /fickle greenery instead of letting everyone including herself trample all over the four leaf clovers that are supposedly rampant among the crab grass and ferny looking things.Just be merry for G-ds sake and pretend you know why ure supposed to be making pretty/ colorful /flourishing gardens out of limp fickle winter foliage.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sparkle Dust Overdose / Vexing Verbosity Ventings

Soooo can't get enough of the sparkle dust and glitter happenstancings. I think I qualify for the most cubicles occupied in a given square foot of time.Its not the actual attaining of the coveted positions of Cubicle Wanderingdom, its maintaining them. The winds of perpetual boredom and the general existence of vexing verbosity concerns ... yeah its that kind of stuff that mostly paints the whole cubicle picture in a hazy shade of runaway red.Will I ever stop running from boring cubicles and related happenstancings. I guess I need to harness the art of embracing boredom .
I should at least get an award for the quite impressive array of cubicle curriculums i've managed to start but not finish. Finishing stuff is overrated.Why finish what you started when you can start a whole new something.

How will your Glass Ball Frost & Fix the Future

Glass is the perfect example of using material for choice and free will options.
The functional rigid folks focus on things like windows /coffee tables and conference tables. The more creative free spirits create paper weights and whimsicle icicles and other ornaments for happy hour. The fickle and insecure create flimsy glass outlooks & hypersensitive perspectives that usually shatter upon harsh contact, or even less than harsh abrupt contact. The shards that are subsequently created, make pretty shattered glass vases for all of life's thorn and branch bouquets. I guess its time to focus on how to make functional conference tables and longlasting cubicles out of shattered shards of colored hypersenstive glass.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Floating Sparkle Dust Evergreen Tree

So basically, everyone gets a preprogrammed version of choice/free will and related energies to decide how they will be functioning on a deeper christmas lights level. Some are happiest strung rigidly in neat circuitious circles around a frostbitten/icy cold evergreen tree firmly planted in the outdoor mud /others are happier gently laced in wayward meandering free form patterns around a pink tinsel tree from Urban Outfitters/and still others are happiest in mid air not attached to anything particular /whimsical and flirting with the windchimes on cute little porchtops .Functioning as perfect/ sparkling whimsicle icicles .
Or if your really lucky with the glitter connections, you can get yourself draped around the evergreen tree doing neverending circles of circuitious sparkledust slow dancing, right in the center of Macy's Beauty window on Broadway in NYC.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Merry Christmas Messaging

I'm mostly in love with the glitter sparkle dust ornaments in sparkly/ swirly shades of jewel tone colors .

Macy's Merry Christmas Messagings

I got sidetracked today at the Macy's windows.Oh my G-d , the iridescent sparkle dust and profusion of color was quite the impressive glitter sparkle color statement. Macy's holiday message mediums always rock. Especially July Fourth and Christmas.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Achieving Alcohol Flavored Equilibrium

Equilibrium is the basic focus of any activity, from the ever present perpetual quest for connection and purpose to the colorful alcoholic's quest for flavored alcohol and the perfect mix. How exactly is one supposed to fabricate this often elusive concept. Is it color coordinating the alcohol in varying shades and hues of lemon yellow and tangerine melon quartz colored whiskeys and mixers. And then when ure done just adding a prefab selected ruby red cherry / wedge of kelly green lime and some crystal clear cubes of ice. Is this how everything is just all balanced and perfectly color coordinated according to the laws of bartending. Will this always achieve the same results of alcohol flavored equilibrium. Do the flavored effects of lime /cherry and cube ever stop working .

Wispy Petals of Functional Floral Wisdom

Floral Lessons For Daily Functioning : This perfect , winter white bloom of wispy petals & flirty /lacy perfection seems to be conveying quite the profound message of floral functionalism and petal continuity.A floral fact thats as crystal clear as the sky blue topaz vase its safely ensconced in .Mostly, florally speaking one can be purely whimsical/lacey /wispy/fluttery and flirty, just make sure at the end of the day there is an actual functional bloom or bud in the picture /on a stem and connected to some sort of nourishment and energy source .And not just some random wispy petals floating on the table and ground , reminsicing about the perfect bloom and bud days gone by.

Seeing the bloom or bud for the petals should be a given petal's number one priority.Petals are fickle and should not be the main focus for floral recognition and preserving for posterity purposes.The actual functional bud or bloom should be the main focus. Its easier to stay perfectly preserved in a rigid/ boring /strict neat rose bud outlook and narrow glass vase or even frozen in icy cold weather. Its way harder though to stay perfectly preserved in a flirty /whimsical outlook of lacey petals and flirting blossoms.The fickle petals start falling in different directions. And losing sight of the blossom/bud slowly becomes reality.Until all thats left is 3 or 4 fading petals on a thorny branch , too few to function as a blossom and too old and spent to function as a neat perfectly poised bud .
The question is how should petals that are too few for blossom living and too spent for bud functioning how are they supposed to fabricate function/ purpose and connection. Why are these petals working so hard trying to connect to a root source that cannot help them become perfect blossoms or buds.A root source that doesnt even consider them part of their perfect gardens or worthy of drying for wreath purposes.

Why spend all that effort tryin to belong to a root source and muddy soil that is not conducive to integrating and promoting the growth of flawed blossoms/buds and spent blooms situations. Other than decorative floral accents for festive occasions and ceremonies involving petal scattering, among other user friendly options ......what sort of purpose do these petals have in their floral life among functional flora and foliage. Where should they really be looking for the not your ordinary/ less than functional/ colorful &creative petal connections. Or are they just destined to function as blossom wannabe's/ spent buds or colorful scattered wild petals spreading their petals on meandering paths in various states /cities and cubicles along the roadtrip of life.

Cloudy Sunsets & December Rose Buds

There is definitely something sooo magical and ethereal about a perfectly pink rose bud blooming under a cloudy December sunset in New York. It singlehandedly redefines the colorless sunset ,coloring the cloudy black and white Friday evening a pretty shade of think pink.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Disconcerting Starry Concern of the Decade

After sunset , amid the perfect holiday season, sparkling and twinkling with my favorite color concept in the world - (The endless array of decorative multi-colored christmas lights - creating the perfect fusion of sparkle twinkle color and happy), is a not so minor holiday merry mood damper & glitter/ shimmer dimmer. The current disconcerting starry concern of the decade, is contemplating the sort of stars that were applauding or booing my arrival into this almost wonderful world. These were definitely not your run of the mill not so very lucky stars . They were in fact, most likely stars of pure & unadulterated unlucky starry descent. The kind of stars that facilitate in constant/consistent happenstancings involving the distinctly disconcerting "never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity" slogan attributed to a certain political character and other related not so glittery and sparkly happy happenstancings.
The question is are these stars fixable. Is there some way of medicating their starry negative traits and unlucky energies into glittery positive traits and sparkle dust lucky four leaf clover related energies.
Or is a dark inky sky, a shade darker than the darkest onyx & scattered with unlucky stars/rough black diamond rocks that dont twinkle or sparkle /& adorned w/ equally unlucky starry outlooks , is this the not so fabulous or even fadingly funky foreseeable future I should be looking forward to.