Sunday, December 03, 2006

Achieving Alcohol Flavored Equilibrium

Equilibrium is the basic focus of any activity, from the ever present perpetual quest for connection and purpose to the colorful alcoholic's quest for flavored alcohol and the perfect mix. How exactly is one supposed to fabricate this often elusive concept. Is it color coordinating the alcohol in varying shades and hues of lemon yellow and tangerine melon quartz colored whiskeys and mixers. And then when ure done just adding a prefab selected ruby red cherry / wedge of kelly green lime and some crystal clear cubes of ice. Is this how everything is just all balanced and perfectly color coordinated according to the laws of bartending. Will this always achieve the same results of alcohol flavored equilibrium. Do the flavored effects of lime /cherry and cube ever stop working .


Toasted Ryan said...

Some activities are an attempt to flee equilibrium!

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

True, I think all or nothing work so much better than tryin to find that elusive equilibrium.
Inner equilibrium does feel sort of better in the long run, but who has patience to think about the long run.Short term should be the focus.Quick and short term result oriented only.Pure shots of flavored vodka or liquor only Forget about mixing for balance . Flavor and color is still of equal importance though.Oh and discipline is sooo overated.