Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

May you always have stuff to be thankful for, and then some.

A Message From Macys

What a concept .

Imbibing In The Big Apple

"Thanking" everyone that needs to be thanked, has never been so much fun . And there are all these cute drinking establishments, right around most city corners, with equally cute names for your convenience.
Drink your way towards a thankful and appreciative existence, cuz well life is short and riddled with all kinds of random coincidence ,luck and responsibility.
And as i'm sure you know, be nice, no, not naughty to everyone on the downward spiral cuz you're gonna be bumping into those same everyones on the upward good luck spiral and spin. Life is ironic and random like that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Label Liability Gone Loony

Catching up on my WSJ reading this past weekend , I came across this piece on Wyeth v. Levine. It's almost Wednesday and I still dont understand the underlying premise and logic used in Levine's lawyer's arguments. The deeper I read into the factual logisitics of the case, the less sense it reads in terms of liability, the angles of the arguments and the party being sued.
I haven't come across any logical reason on as to why
Wyeth is responsible for an IV push that was administered incorrectly. Wouldnt this be the responsibility of the individual administering the IV push. And not the drug being administered. For Cornell's case recap, see here .
For WSJ's argument recap see here
For The FDA Law blog recap see here

What does the FDA approved label featuring warnings against IV push administration that include this - "INADVERTENT INTRA-ARTERIAL INJECTION CAN RESULT IN GANGRENE OF THE AFFECTED EXTREMITY"
have to do with an IV push gone arterial in error?
Are the risks associated with IV push, medication specific.
Is Phenergan the only medication that runs the risk of accidently being injected into an artery instead of a vein when administered via an IV push ?

Why would or should the FDA bar everyone from using the IV push ? Different methods have different risk levels, the existence of risk does not render it bar worthy. Life in and of itself is a risk.
My heart goes out to Levine for all the trauma shes been through, it must be devasting and heartbreaking to have gone through what she did, but I believe that unfortunately her lawy
ers are suing the wrong party.

Shouldnt they be suing the migraine clinic that gave her phenergan in the artery.
I like phamaceutical companies and think they get way more than their fair share of suings by disgruntled end users or lawyers that are clearly not thinking straight, many of whom are just as liable for misuse, misconstrues etc....
When suing for liability its always important to sue the proper party, cuz otherwise its not fair.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Skating, Skittering and Skidding in the City

Why worry about running , skidding and slipping on thin ice or fickle tracks, when you can skitter and skate on solid and sound ice in Bryant Park ?
Winter is short and right around the corner.
Running is tiring and overrated.
So skating through life on cold sound ice and snowflakes just makes so much more sense on a logical level.
I hope the snowflakes stay sparkly.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dizzy n Dazed Daisies in November

I can't believe it's November 1 already.
Also, spent daisies in clay pots are quite the seasonal mood dampener.

Life Is Short

And It doesnt go any quicker without the lickable liquor and vats of vividly flavored vodka.
In fact it's way duller. Not that there is anything especially thrilling about halacha.
But as we learn from the biblical Noah in this weeks Torah reading, planting vinyards can sometimes get a little problematic in the long run imbibingly speaking.

Roses, Raw Logic and Tequila Trucks

As I was standing on the concrete steps of a church on Madison Ave trying to photograph these awesome english roses blooming all prettily behind the signage , divine providence placed this tequila truck straight into the scenic in the city photograph.
And as I stood there in slow motion contemplating the roses against the tequila backdrop, I suddenly understood the logical conclusion to the following age old adage ;
If "candy is dandy" and "liquor is quicker", then Tequila must be "simply perfect". And the proof was right there, plainly in sight on the tequila truck.
If only life's other logical conclusions were that simple or even vaguely logically construable stuff would be so much easier to analyze and understand.