Saturday, September 29, 2007

Savor the Sand Art before the Sun Shines Weak

I guess its time to do the last few sex on the beach imbibings /stoned sand dances and trippy stone steppings, before the icy cold coat of winter, renders the sun's rays weak and the warm beach weather fickle.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Adore Duane Reade Drug Stores

I have a huge consumer oriented crush on Duane Reade drug stores.
For me, its that ubiquitious symbol and source of comfort and convenience .
Always open for me in my time of need.
And generally hanging out on every corner.I have my favorite ones in all parts of the city.And there are so many happy helpers on the shelves to choose from.Color shopping for happiness has never been easier.

From "wine not" ruby red nailpolish to urban fiction.
From holiday decor to heart shaped stickies, colored pushpins to digital pictures.
Early morning hot tamales, midday water or way way past midnight munchie snacks.
Drunk or sober, in club clothes/east river wear or work clothes.
Duane Reade drug store's doors are always open, even for a quick coors.NYC is awesome like that.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rebbitzin Urban Bourbon

Happy Birthday Rebbitzin Urban Bourbon Boozin Janey ,
May your life be full of love and laughs, the kind of laughs experienced wholeheartedly in certain urban pubs with english lads that dont actually live in lofts.

Time really does run along when your imbibing with the spiritual based rums and biblical liquors........
Dont fall in or anything that rebbiztin brew can get quite intoxicating and stuff.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The price of enlightening lanterns/prayer/hyper and joyless jostling

So aside from the contradicting connotations associated with Paying For The Ability To Pray, I havent been able to sit in a synagogue for many years mostly cuz I have "the attention span of a watermelon pit".(metaphor thanks in full to happily married ex boyfriend Sh. , who coined that phrase one night in exasperation mode)
Usually I do adderall for focusing but I've run out of it and havent been able to employ the benefits of a drugged up personality-less self for Rosh Hashanaing.
So I just managed to mouth some Aveinu Malkeinus before sunset yesterday.
I'm feeling sort of saddened that I have no spiritual strength or faith to will more prayer mouthing and or should've made the effort to listen to a shofar blowing somewhere.
My father would not approve.
I didnt even get a friendly reminder call this year, I think he gave up on my spirituality which is kinda sadder and uplifting in a religion is for rigid pea brains resistant to plasticity anyway kind of way .
He is brilliant, but never understood that his caring about my spirituality doesnt really affect my spiritual-less self much.Neither did his friendly reminder calls before major holidays and fasts.

I guess I've developed a more acute sense of disillusioned dissarray since I've been jostling my sense of spirituality around diligently and religiously and have managed to jiggle and niggle my soul to a precarious and ambiguous point of general disenchantment.Which is an annoying state of enchantment to function under.
And there are no summs of many awes creating any sense of awesome or even awe inducing.
Oh except my little baby nephew's expression when contemplating the tall patch of colorful zinnias from his little perch on the grass patch.Total unadulterated awe. And then he put his hyper/ trusting little self down to rest on my shoulders, his eyes drooping from tiredness.
Life is tiring like that, but baby nephews are adorable,I dont even need kids really.
Happy Holy Holidays !

Friday, September 07, 2007

Rabbi Urban B. Bourbon

If I had to pick a name for a rabbi I would probally choose :
"Rabbi Urban B. Bourbon" .
It just has the perfect bling bling ring to it. I also like the connotations.
Will you be my Rabbi ?