Friday, May 30, 2008

Timeless Intimate Moments in Time and Poise

This is the kind of intimate relationship with time worthy of emulation.
If you stand still on top of time will time stand still ?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Linear Lightbulb Enlightenment

I never knew there were so many different ways to see and or ignore the light.
In life, if one changes the bulb color but keeps the same fixture, does the new light color lead & shine towards a whole different perception of light ?
What about individuals that are colorblind , how do they differentiate and or choose among the different light color options. How would they know if they've made the wrong choice.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I know its been a awhile, hope things are merry and sparkly on your end and stuff.
How's the wife and reindeer ? I was watching the movie Elf (one of my favorite movies )recently and remembered that I haven't written to you in Christmas light years.
Things are good on my end. I love my current job. Ànd ever since I've embraced Christmas lights as the light at the end of the tunnel I have never felt brighter and more enlightened. I've even put together a scrapbook of Christmas lighting photography that I've done over the years at different stages of my life.
Quite the story in Christmas lights roadtrip pictures.
From Dyker heights in Brooklyn to Bangor Maine.
Bel Harbor in Queens is my favorite in terms of Christmas lights decorating creativity.
I really can't thank you enough for helping me find my inner sparkle and light. I had given up ever seeing the light.
Truthfully though I've never fully gotten over the allergic reactions to consumer driven mysticism and related drivel that circuitiously drove me up the fucking wall in dizzying rhetorical circles of money, myth and myopia.
I should have listened to your message of merriment instead of always searching for analytical brilliance to make me happy. I was looking for happiness in all the wrong places.
I did try out the different flavors of spirituality none óf them felt good on me.
Basically the common denominator feature that annoys me most is the pride honor snobbery theme generally present along with knowledge knowing and teaching. I found it too hard to learn in that way.
The control freaks are too literal with the law and secretive too. The more accepting strains of spirituality debate hardcore law and decisions with fucking emotions and expressions of disbelief. I hope they hire some born again lawyers to write their press releases or something. You can't argue primary law with s bunch of secondary law concepts an irrelevant quote or two and some expired statute or treaty. This seems to be à common theme when defending à religious position any which side. Ànd the in between flavors are just too wishy washy and emotional with no intellectualism in sight.
But I bravely reached into the sparkly past and brought out all the Christmas lights.
I've hung them around in all the dark spaces in my life.
Life just couldn't get any brighter.
Don't fall Down that chimmney. Can't wait to see ya for the holidays.
Send the reindeer my love.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Toughie Tulips in the City

I've always admired the tulips patches in the middle of busy avenues.
In fact I adore these tough little patches of color, never letting anyone trample on their colorful kind of fickle seasonal floral beliefs.
And making the subway grates a prettier space in the process.

Urban growth and merriment

Some tulips prefer to grow in merry urban enviroments the fickle growth containers notwithstanding.

Mellow Yellow Ideologies

Some displays are all dressed up in mellow yellow outlooks, growing neatly and squarely in a well structured green enamel paneled box.
With just enough Ivy overhang leg room.

Tulips in the City

And they look so pretty in the rain against the steel bar backdrops !

Life is like a bucket of tulips

Life moments are like a bucket of tulips on a midtown sidewalk, eventually when the seasons change, they move on after the rainstorms. According to Tulip mythology they are supposed to come back every year. This may have to do with growth space availability and opportunity too.
I guess the trick is to plan ahead so that you have colorful n blissful moments for every season.
I loved the tulips in a bucket displays all around the city this Spring.
The flowering trees were ethereal, especially the urban/flower juxtapositions.
NYC has the best floral arrangements and flowering trees on Earth.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rhinestone Studded Stances in Candyland

Sometimes I encounter individuals that insist on using sugar n treats treatises, and reasonings/lingo lifted straight out of Candyland's original Candy Cane constitution for the sugar based masses, to support outrageous stances and arguments .
Do I look and or sound like a fucking sweets n candy n sugar coated concepts lover ?
Sugar coated spiritual treats and fairies n faith for the fumbling tales dont last forever.
The Candy Cane Constitution did not take into account the possiblity of life after sweets n spiritual highs have taken their natural course .
Not everyone even likes candy coated concepts or even candy.
Some prefer to stay far away from sticky candy coated confectionary concontions.
Candy is not dandy. Brandy is.
Just saying.