Sunday, August 31, 2008


So my reliable halachic religion poseik XGH just stopped blogging and he took down all his posts with him. It's soooo depressing.
So now I dont have any reliable halachic poseik.
And how am I supposed to learn the real facts of spiritual life now ?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DistractOdox and the Step-Ladder of Distraction

DistractOdox = Dazzling Distractions and Dusty Disssmissals for the Disenchanted
Dispelling contradictions, analytic inconsistencies, questions and notions one sincere dusty dismissal and warm-hearted, dazzling distraction at a time.
Just keep on climbing that well trodded step ladder of distraction !
Oh and dont forget about those color treated gemstones and jumbo plastic pearls of pseudo wisdom.
You can't climb up home without them.
You might trip on the hardcore truth or something.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Petunias In the City

When running along trying to keep up with the arguing, winning, responsibilities, deadlines and commitments , never forget to stop and photograph the petunias.
Why else would they have been planted so prettily like that on the city path your running along on?
And before you know it, they will all be withered and spent and winter will be kicking up a storm.
Petunia spottings always make me happy, they remind me of the gardens I grew up on as a kid.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Material Matters that Matter

You can take the girl out of the fashion district,
but she will always come back to play and photograph
& get high n happy on glitter n sparkle, on the long route home.
It's always good to remember where you came from,
And where you came from before that and before that too. Where you think you're going, where you are right now , why you are going there and not elsewhere and what other direction routes sound even smarter for the long run.
Most important of all is the running , it's when you stop running that you understand how tired you are. But walking slowly, carefully and considerately ,should never be an option.
It will just get annoying after a while .

Friday, August 01, 2008

How to Judge a Book by it's Cover

Wandering around in a Barnes & Noble yesterday, in a particularly frivolous and muggy mood, I actually purchased a piece of fiction based exclusively on the fact that I fell in love with the cover and title.
The Long Walk Home by Will North.
Trailing petunias in a basket, the red door , the lantern how can you not love the concept ?
Fiction is not something I willfully purchase and or waste time reading, I'm more of a non-fiction only kind of girl.
But I started reading the first chapter and Will North is actually a good writer. He even managed to fit narcissus and daffodils into the first chapter. Though I was a little confused as I thought daffodils were of the narcissus family.
But nevertheless, I'm proud to say I overcame societal pressure and judging a book by it's cover has never felt sooo goooood.
So I cleared away some shotglasses and gave her prime real estate for now on a shelf in my wooden lighthouse and everyone lived happily ever after.

Update: Will North really is a thoroughly profound writer. I love the way he describes deep concepts and gardens.
The book includes some really deep profound passages on depth, fidelity, love and truth.