Friday, August 01, 2008

How to Judge a Book by it's Cover

Wandering around in a Barnes & Noble yesterday, in a particularly frivolous and muggy mood, I actually purchased a piece of fiction based exclusively on the fact that I fell in love with the cover and title.
The Long Walk Home by Will North.
Trailing petunias in a basket, the red door , the lantern how can you not love the concept ?
Fiction is not something I willfully purchase and or waste time reading, I'm more of a non-fiction only kind of girl.
But I started reading the first chapter and Will North is actually a good writer. He even managed to fit narcissus and daffodils into the first chapter. Though I was a little confused as I thought daffodils were of the narcissus family.
But nevertheless, I'm proud to say I overcame societal pressure and judging a book by it's cover has never felt sooo goooood.
So I cleared away some shotglasses and gave her prime real estate for now on a shelf in my wooden lighthouse and everyone lived happily ever after.

Update: Will North really is a thoroughly profound writer. I love the way he describes deep concepts and gardens.
The book includes some really deep profound passages on depth, fidelity, love and truth.

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