Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quintessential Quixote Quoting

"He jumped up on his horse and rode off in all directions" Don Quixote .
I love this quote, mostly cuz its basically my soul's slogan.
Its definitely the default mission statement, pre-programmed on my neuronal circuitry system's hard drive. The quintessential question though still remains , what would be considered a greater inherent life accomplishment: acquiring many different quaint cubicle positions in a short amount of space and time, or occupying one cubicle for a long stretch of space and time. Is it the diversity and the knowledge acquired in the different fabric/plexicrap paneled cubicles and the impressive talent used to attain those flexible panels of days gone by, or the consistency and ability to sit in one cubicle and focus on one individual companys keyboard and mission statement until the end of time and space and or other natural distractions like power outages/coming of the kids and arrival of a husband or two .

I guess the first question is : what are you using to build your cubicle curriculum ? Is it a flexible panel system the "Rolling Wall" or something more permanent like a complicated Tayco built in panel system .
Second question is what color is your cubicle : Fading Fabric/Focused Crystal Clear Plexiglass/Colorful disarray of everywhere/everything/mission statements/rules and art.
Third: What sort of cubicle curriculum ethic are you modeling your career after : A Runaway Cubicle Quitter/Cubicle Sitter/Cubicle Coordinater/Cubicle Fixer/Cubicle Lover/Cubicle Acquirer/Cubicle Owner/Cubicle Decorater/Cubicle Creater.
Or Union Square Booth Lady.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas and Merry Morning

NYC is definitely my favorite playground . How can you not be merry in the morning passing all this color and art . Boredom and hum drum are scarce. Iridescent color /flirty fun /thrills and acute excitement are running rampant throughout the different parts of NYC's diverse playground areas.Every Ave is a different mood.Every park has its own theme. The fusion of everywhere /everything/ colorful glitter /intellectual pursuits/the sparkledust of exciting everyday happenstance and a plethora of opportunities and lewd comments and suggestions, is what makes NYC the most awesome place on earth.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Color is Your Tinsel Tree or Outlook

If ure stuck and cant decide what metallic shade of tinsel best represents your iridescent essence just go with all the colors. Be the best everywhere person you can possibly be . Travel hard and often down every right path in unison or in sequence . Marry often . Choice/decision/yes or no / pink or black / gemologist or pharmacist/ brooklyn or manhattan/ jewelry designer or writer/pharmacology or talkology/argumentive/perceptive/ Pollyana/Pippi Longstocking /Peter Pan/ Sponge Bob Square Pants/ South Park/ The Care Bears ....religious or athiest/ dog runner or egg donor/call girl or waitress/ Bar owner or Bar decorator /chabad or aish or kinky jews/ Zionist or Nomadist/ Hippy or Hip Hop. Why is every choice negating by default the rest of the options. . Why would anyone work for their cake or tinsel if they cant eat it or sparkle too.It doest have to be that way.
So the next time your faced with way too many right choices and right paths , just choose Everything/ all choices/ all paths. Stuff will probally stay exciting for way longer , yeah its that simple really.

Tuesday in a Tizzy

So accomplishments for Tuesday include but R not limited to the following :
1) While waiting for a tardy friend to show up , I think I was mistaken for a prostitute by a religious looking individual. I guess my bitchy comebacks assured him I was not interested in flirting with him, his furry looking hat and not that hungry for paid love either. I attract the most interesting sexual energy sometimes.
2) I got good pictures of holiday merriment and funky decor in broad daylight.
3) I found my favorite shade of coral and red mix sweatshirt on sale at the Gap.
4) My camera has this awesome setting for christmas lights .

5) I almost have a new cubicle of the week .
6) I hope I can convince them to include crystal colored chandeliers in their general product ,manufacturing /importing and promoting. Maybe I can get them to hang one over my new cubicle .

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jaded's Ladder

When life gives you a unstable plywood oriented ladder laminated with a thin veneer of musty maple for climbing, with less than sturdy rungs and rusty camlock screw cores for focus, just continue collecting sparkledust specks of lovingkindness/ glitter outlooks of goodness /& iridescent bubbles and bulbs.You may not be goin up in the rungs of life, but at least you have the glitter of goodness to distract and detract from just how far sideways your not soaring. Just be certain the tin cans of caring ure trusting with all your glitter and sparkle bubbles and belief bulbs of sudsy aspirations ,dont have no rusty outlooks and tinily understand how u want to spread the light of iridescent insights in colorful presentations of depth/ function /focus and purpose. Then it doest really matter if your adhering to the proverbial linear upward ladder rung trailways .Sometimes lateral sidetracking can also pave the way towards total unadulterated altruism / runaway everwhere lovingkindness and hyper happiness .

Redecorating The Blue and White Tinsel of Timeless Traditions

So I just need to emotionally color the Blue and White Tinsel of Timeless Traditions a hazy shade of "Iridescent Why" or maybe "Winter Green Wonder" , like the pretty wreaths in Madison Square Park artfully decorated with eloquent wispy shades of ambiguous silver bows of merriment. Also, I just dont get Hannuka mostly. And all that lets be happy and celebrate, how exactly is one suppose to lets be happy and celebrate.That is just a wee bit difficult, all things considering and contemplating. I dont get alot of things, but Hannuka is just annoying in general and it tends to get increasingly so, every time I get unsolicited related holiday wishes. I DONT DO HANNUKAH PERIOD. As such, I find it exceedingly difficult bordering on acutely painful to pretend to rejoice about concepts I dont understand. Nor do I need any related wishes /hopes /dreams and I certaintly dont need any invites to events associated with the oily /esoteric concepts and themes. So please refrain from the hannukah related friendly overtures /group hugs /invites and loving the light and embracing the oily lectures. I would sincerely suggest you allocate these well meaning overtures and tendencies to those a little more hannukah friendly and needy. I for one, am perfectly content with the more mainstream merry making /mostly universal lights theme- without any laws , sparkly and colorful tinsel oriented decorations and the awesome , multicolored ethereal projects of iridescent color. The epitome of all lighthouse oriented activities, the awesome holiday decorated houses and outdoor property parts.
Have a Merry Morning and Month

Stringin along on the Strands of Time

I thought this was quite the lovely coral display on lower Broadway in the beads of plenty and cheap perfume district.The only question is what made those pretty strung along lights go dim among the pretty coral strands.Or were they just not in the mood of sparkling anymore especially during the day when there is all that conflicting messages of saw the light or redefining of saw the light sunlight already out there. So basically there's usually a plethora of figuretive lighthouses all with their own versions of beckoning/blinding light and enchanting ideologies and promises of safe shores and acute connection. Then you've got a plethora of Lighthouse nay-keepers redefining the lighthouses in question and pointing out all the inconsistencies / conflicting ideologies /general flawed theories /mystical myopic oriented myths and falsehoods/fairytales eagerly absorbed by those of the Pollyana Persuasion who are only too happy to be strung along on the strands of brightly colored myopic myth and the blue and white tinsel of timeless traditions.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

When Life insists on the Fickle Limp Foliage ......

So yeah , when life insists on the limp/ fickle /lukewarm/ green foliage ,place yourself or the foliage in winter white earthenware and wrap it all up with a pretty red merry bow for pure holiday cheer promoting.It usually works even on cold rocky pavement.
Whats not to be merry about.G-d Loves You in case your having trouble seeing that amidst the clouds/ sleet / hail storms and other showerings of love. Its just soooo obvious ,cuz like if I would be responsible committed to all sorts of commitees and commitments and sincerely serious and know right from wrong, (of which I really obviously have no excuse not to be knowing after all that expensive tuition oriented private schooling), then I wouldnt be so lazy/ambiguous/lost in the shuffle/hazy shade of haziness about stuff and choices and direction and everything would be as obvious as Ruby the Beautiful Red Bow ,beckoning the garden hoe to continue cultivating the limp /fickle greenery instead of letting everyone including herself trample all over the four leaf clovers that are supposedly rampant among the crab grass and ferny looking things.Just be merry for G-ds sake and pretend you know why ure supposed to be making pretty/ colorful /flourishing gardens out of limp fickle winter foliage.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sparkle Dust Overdose / Vexing Verbosity Ventings

Soooo can't get enough of the sparkle dust and glitter happenstancings. I think I qualify for the most cubicles occupied in a given square foot of time.Its not the actual attaining of the coveted positions of Cubicle Wanderingdom, its maintaining them. The winds of perpetual boredom and the general existence of vexing verbosity concerns ... yeah its that kind of stuff that mostly paints the whole cubicle picture in a hazy shade of runaway red.Will I ever stop running from boring cubicles and related happenstancings. I guess I need to harness the art of embracing boredom .
I should at least get an award for the quite impressive array of cubicle curriculums i've managed to start but not finish. Finishing stuff is overrated.Why finish what you started when you can start a whole new something.

How will your Glass Ball Frost & Fix the Future

Glass is the perfect example of using material for choice and free will options.
The functional rigid folks focus on things like windows /coffee tables and conference tables. The more creative free spirits create paper weights and whimsicle icicles and other ornaments for happy hour. The fickle and insecure create flimsy glass outlooks & hypersensitive perspectives that usually shatter upon harsh contact, or even less than harsh abrupt contact. The shards that are subsequently created, make pretty shattered glass vases for all of life's thorn and branch bouquets. I guess its time to focus on how to make functional conference tables and longlasting cubicles out of shattered shards of colored hypersenstive glass.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Floating Sparkle Dust Evergreen Tree

So basically, everyone gets a preprogrammed version of choice/free will and related energies to decide how they will be functioning on a deeper christmas lights level. Some are happiest strung rigidly in neat circuitious circles around a frostbitten/icy cold evergreen tree firmly planted in the outdoor mud /others are happier gently laced in wayward meandering free form patterns around a pink tinsel tree from Urban Outfitters/and still others are happiest in mid air not attached to anything particular /whimsical and flirting with the windchimes on cute little porchtops .Functioning as perfect/ sparkling whimsicle icicles .
Or if your really lucky with the glitter connections, you can get yourself draped around the evergreen tree doing neverending circles of circuitious sparkledust slow dancing, right in the center of Macy's Beauty window on Broadway in NYC.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Merry Christmas Messaging

I'm mostly in love with the glitter sparkle dust ornaments in sparkly/ swirly shades of jewel tone colors .

Macy's Merry Christmas Messagings

I got sidetracked today at the Macy's windows.Oh my G-d , the iridescent sparkle dust and profusion of color was quite the impressive glitter sparkle color statement. Macy's holiday message mediums always rock. Especially July Fourth and Christmas.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Achieving Alcohol Flavored Equilibrium

Equilibrium is the basic focus of any activity, from the ever present perpetual quest for connection and purpose to the colorful alcoholic's quest for flavored alcohol and the perfect mix. How exactly is one supposed to fabricate this often elusive concept. Is it color coordinating the alcohol in varying shades and hues of lemon yellow and tangerine melon quartz colored whiskeys and mixers. And then when ure done just adding a prefab selected ruby red cherry / wedge of kelly green lime and some crystal clear cubes of ice. Is this how everything is just all balanced and perfectly color coordinated according to the laws of bartending. Will this always achieve the same results of alcohol flavored equilibrium. Do the flavored effects of lime /cherry and cube ever stop working .

Wispy Petals of Functional Floral Wisdom

Floral Lessons For Daily Functioning : This perfect , winter white bloom of wispy petals & flirty /lacy perfection seems to be conveying quite the profound message of floral functionalism and petal continuity.A floral fact thats as crystal clear as the sky blue topaz vase its safely ensconced in .Mostly, florally speaking one can be purely whimsical/lacey /wispy/fluttery and flirty, just make sure at the end of the day there is an actual functional bloom or bud in the picture /on a stem and connected to some sort of nourishment and energy source .And not just some random wispy petals floating on the table and ground , reminsicing about the perfect bloom and bud days gone by.

Seeing the bloom or bud for the petals should be a given petal's number one priority.Petals are fickle and should not be the main focus for floral recognition and preserving for posterity purposes.The actual functional bud or bloom should be the main focus. Its easier to stay perfectly preserved in a rigid/ boring /strict neat rose bud outlook and narrow glass vase or even frozen in icy cold weather. Its way harder though to stay perfectly preserved in a flirty /whimsical outlook of lacey petals and flirting blossoms.The fickle petals start falling in different directions. And losing sight of the blossom/bud slowly becomes reality.Until all thats left is 3 or 4 fading petals on a thorny branch , too few to function as a blossom and too old and spent to function as a neat perfectly poised bud .
The question is how should petals that are too few for blossom living and too spent for bud functioning how are they supposed to fabricate function/ purpose and connection. Why are these petals working so hard trying to connect to a root source that cannot help them become perfect blossoms or buds.A root source that doesnt even consider them part of their perfect gardens or worthy of drying for wreath purposes.

Why spend all that effort tryin to belong to a root source and muddy soil that is not conducive to integrating and promoting the growth of flawed blossoms/buds and spent blooms situations. Other than decorative floral accents for festive occasions and ceremonies involving petal scattering, among other user friendly options ......what sort of purpose do these petals have in their floral life among functional flora and foliage. Where should they really be looking for the not your ordinary/ less than functional/ colorful &creative petal connections. Or are they just destined to function as blossom wannabe's/ spent buds or colorful scattered wild petals spreading their petals on meandering paths in various states /cities and cubicles along the roadtrip of life.

Cloudy Sunsets & December Rose Buds

There is definitely something sooo magical and ethereal about a perfectly pink rose bud blooming under a cloudy December sunset in New York. It singlehandedly redefines the colorless sunset ,coloring the cloudy black and white Friday evening a pretty shade of think pink.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Disconcerting Starry Concern of the Decade

After sunset , amid the perfect holiday season, sparkling and twinkling with my favorite color concept in the world - (The endless array of decorative multi-colored christmas lights - creating the perfect fusion of sparkle twinkle color and happy), is a not so minor holiday merry mood damper & glitter/ shimmer dimmer. The current disconcerting starry concern of the decade, is contemplating the sort of stars that were applauding or booing my arrival into this almost wonderful world. These were definitely not your run of the mill not so very lucky stars . They were in fact, most likely stars of pure & unadulterated unlucky starry descent. The kind of stars that facilitate in constant/consistent happenstancings involving the distinctly disconcerting "never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity" slogan attributed to a certain political character and other related not so glittery and sparkly happy happenstancings.
The question is are these stars fixable. Is there some way of medicating their starry negative traits and unlucky energies into glittery positive traits and sparkle dust lucky four leaf clover related energies.
Or is a dark inky sky, a shade darker than the darkest onyx & scattered with unlucky stars/rough black diamond rocks that dont twinkle or sparkle /& adorned w/ equally unlucky starry outlooks , is this the not so fabulous or even fadingly funky foreseeable future I should be looking forward to.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A rose among the bare branches

Ever try keeping your spent bitter blooms / bleary eyed petals/sincerely yet surely disintegrating soul/icy cold core ....... unruffled & perfectly poised among the thorns? Personally I think promoting the abscense or discipline of promiscuity yet constantly embracing/connecting/& maintaining a fun/ perfectly floral wildflower outlook among bare branches is a way more praisworthy act of floral discipline and self preservation for future floral generations, than the proverbial embracing /learning to live with the thorns of thursdays and alot of other days .
The sort of everywhere outlook those of wildflower descent tend to express in wayward dances of eloquence and "bloom where your planted" and everywhere in between profusion. I guess bare branches and thorns both have their cons , but albeit being pretty much clear as day and a certain emporer's new clothes kind of cons, its still sort of bordering on unadulterated ambiguity in terms of black white and shades of sky blue sapphire.
Anyway on a brighter note ,this flirty floral/lack of foliage contrast, is a perfect fusion of fickle winter branches and soothing summer rose bloomings in late November. And definitely worthy of the petulant petal for perpetual perceiving and innovative juxtapositioning in late November award. Its smarter to thrive among bare branches as opposed to surviving among the thorns.
Thorns and Hurt are deceitful in nature and consistently cumulative . Bare and Harsh are real and easier to comprehend and get used to .

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Unadulterated Altruism

Why is "unadulterated" and "altruism" quite the difficult combination to find in a given sequential emotional thought process equation nowadays.
Why are moldy alterior motives running rampant among the fields of altruistic flowers in addition to being overshadowed by the weeds of other forms of neediness like constant sucking up to larger than life beings or even more annoying the plethora of weedy people pleasing junkies ,getting high on consistent recognition and the constant craving for praise /public propping & any brand of acknowledgement available

Why are alterior motives,and distinctly rotten cores the inherent basis of so many acts and orgs of altruism, or do I just keep bumping into the wrong crowds .
Alterior motives is soooo the pure and unadulterated ruin any good the associated altruism would generate.It just paints everything a selfish/self centric shade of egotistical green.
Insecure is also quite the annoying trait. And definitely distinctly related to the new and improved increase of quite a number of less than bright and acutely annoying individuals and related happenstancings.
Sucking up to others will not fix insecurities though.Neither will pretend concern or other pretend/ congenial related acts of goodness done exclusively for surfacey /cosmetic purposes only. Or to distract from a rotten/selfish/phishing for acknowledgement/honor/money/fame/other fun desires and neediness concerns core.
It just further confuses those that think they have found real meaning / pure depth and someone/thing to emulate .
All that sucking up to others cannot be a good thing in the long run.
Real/Truth/Pure/Purpose and Sucking Up/Alterior Motives/Self Centric oriented ..... cannot coexist in the same sequential emotional thought process.
Is unadulterated altruism, goin the way of lofty esoteric traits of the biblical era. And relegated to random /dusty cobweb laced folders , filed away neatly in the musty mindsets of mature individuals that are way too tired to pretend anymore. With the occasional posthumous honorable mention in Absolute Peach Vodka for the mystical myth loving soul stories book , served right after ure done reading chicken soup for the looking for direction soul .........

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crackberry Concepts/ Blackberry Brandy

I soooo cant imagine life without a blackberry. Its currently my most beloved material possession. (my other favorite material possession being my new canon power shot elph sd900 received just in time for the christmas lights and related sparkly happenstancing ) G-d is so good to me every decade or so .

The blackberry is my mobile /versatile/ all encompassing secure know it all (that doesnt ever feel the need to assure me of its know it all status which would ruin so many things ) ........ my slim basic life structure. AnyOne I want to remember/connect with / forget/ignore /AnyThing I need to do/ say/ remember or forget its all in the blackberry.All my secrets/failings/insecurities shortcomings/Pollyana/Care Bear related aspirations/Alice in Wonderland wonderings/Curious George contemplatings /Peter Pan ponderings & tendencies/Sponge Bob perspectives/Strawberry Shorcake idealogies....... its all in the blackberry . When my blackberry begins to doubt me or itself with numb or freezing tendencies thats when I know pits or seeds are in the foreseeable future . I think though I'm ok for now, being that its just been replaced and is quite the epitome of quick. Now with efficient/ new and improved Edge technology. And I always so did and still do love living on the edge .

Sharon Begley had a brilliant article in the Wall Street Journal in 2002 when I was still acutely poor and drooling about the blackberry . I snipped the article out and tacked it on to my fascinating articles for future reference and pondering tackboard near my bed, in true "create a picture of how you envision you life to be and somehow create " fashion. I eventually lost the article in one of my many souvenirs of happenstancings gone by lucite storage bins ........ but google has always been a great friend/educator & article locator =">blackberry branding

Monday, November 20, 2006

Moldy Metaphors: A tribute to a Distinctly Toxic Educator of Years Gone Bye

This sequential thought process and related sidetracks is in honor of Principal H and her Moldy Metaphor for Goodbye and GoodLucking "Different flowers grow in Different soils" which is not quite the best metaphor to express your disinterest in educating the exotic tropical plants or the wayward wildflower student(s) in question...... Just so you know for future reference in case your still a principal somewhere and have some gardening concerns ..........
Hope your muddy soil suits you and may it continue to sully any other moldy metaphor related attempts at gardening students .Those cactus's you've managed to educate are quite the prickly group. Do they do anything else besides breed/prick/sting and breed some more ?
Basically , i've learnt If you find yourself in a figuretive garden comprised of Educators with moldy metaphors and general garden inhabitants consisting of prickly points/ petulant petals/ bleary eyed blossoms /spent brooding blooms/ fickle flowers and Sincerely Snobby Shrubs that are just ruining your growth patterns and blocking the sunlight, its best to move on and find yourself a new patch for basking in the sunlight. And just plant yourself a whole new patch of colorful/meaningful truly friendly flowers.
There is the not so subtle difference between living in "the proverbial rose garden that was never promised" and residing in a lovely unadulterated cactus patch (just dont fall in ,whatever you do ). Or endless stretches of grassy fields boasting boastful yet moldy weeds & allergen related properties, pretending to be smiling sunflowers but at one point or another they show their true dandelion colors .You can still make a wish though ......
Some religious schools dont even get that deep with the promises or the breeding which is ok if only the issue was the lack of "rose garden promise" ...... but sometimes its just busy focusing on the rules concerning "how to garden modestly like Ruth when she went harvesting" As long as youre fully clothed , it doesnt really matter what kind of flowers your goin to act like or cultivate and continue breeding or even marry.
Cactuses breed cactuses they do not have any disciplined / friendly/respectful flora related relatives.Weeds breed more disrespectufl weeds and the occasional disrespectful wildflower, no perfectly manicured rosebushes or well mannered chrysanthemums in sight.
And sometimes in high school , if your petals are not fully clothed, well then you might get served with moldy metaphors like "different flowers grow in different soils " along with a leave and do not return card.You may want to join up with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square since you've already slackened with that neckbone collar covering rule.You can use the tips to purchase your own roses .I would reccomend the David Austin brand.
No,some high schools never did get quite that far with breeding well mannered flowers and shrubbery or promising rose gardens or even just any sort of well mannered flowers. Just make sure your fully clothed and wash your husbands clothes and make him dinner so he can continue learning without being disturbed.Learning the ropes of religion in a prickly cactus patch rampant with dull dandelions /dim two leaf clover weeds and narrow minded crabgrass, makes you forget you ever wanted to be part of the garden of eden concept.
I think certain kiruv orgs and high schools should get together and produce and off broadway musical based on parts of Lynn Anderson's "Rose Garden Song" hyperfocusing on the "I Beg Your Pardon" part .... /Lessons from Pinnochio / The Pitfalls of Pollyana Persuading / Alice in Wonderland/Pippi Longstocking and Sponge Bob Square pants .
Anyway my rhetorical point - I just wish i knew who exactly am I suppposed to be emulating. How should I know where its best to belong.Why would I want to structure myself with religion related activites/Its so hard finding real people to respect ......Just some Adderall induced flashes of unadulterated focus/a perfect jumble of neuronal circuitry connecting /chemical balancing and brainwave action. And subsequent questions like why am I going and where and who exactly are my role models.........The answer might very well be starting a whole new colorful /friendly garden , preferably in far away friendly /exotic locations like Hawaii.
So when the high schools and kiruv orgs are done incorporating "derech eretz kadma latorah" they can move on to stuff "chanoch hanar al pi darcho " and then the skys the limit .....provided it doesnt rain/snow/sleet or hail .

NYC Color Coordinated St Corners -Autumn 2006

Yellow keeps thing Mellow/Rustic Tangerine Creates Quite the Serene Color Scene......
I looooove it when neighborhood tree leave's /wrought iron building accents and subway posts somehow create the perfect fusion of color /functionalism/aesthetics..... and picturesque moments of fickle and oh soooo fleeting ethereal seasonal color St. corner stories.

NYC Color Coordinated St Corners

NYC - Early Spring - 2006 : Focus on Functioning Winter White, Sort of Scattered Yet Cloudlessly Erudite ...........

NYC Color (dis)Coordinated St Corners

NYC - Early Spring - 2006 Bleary Eyed Blissful Blossoms : Always Think (Perfectly) Pink..... Even if theres a bit of rustic tangerine in the picture .

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Windows of Wishes & Window Wishing

"Today 5:00 pm" .... Macy's did the unveiling of their legendary holiday windows at 34'th. They have always been quite the holiday window displays.
Window wishing today in the early afternoon hours right before the winter sunset , the windows were mostly covered with promising messages of Harmony/ Beauty/ Joy / Friendship "Today 5:00 pm".
I did get a sneak preview of Joy though.It was quite the window experience.
Holiday decorating and twinkling lights really do warm the bitterly cold weather and outlooks
Just till January though .
Then it's Valentines Day , theres plenty of love/ pink hearts/ glitter and sparkle for purchasing purposes and receiving opportunities .You may even get lucky like me and get unsolicited hershey chocolate kisses in Times Square.

Friday, November 17, 2006

When reality gets Muddy.....

Just keep planting flowers, until reality is just a hazy shade of concentrated color. It gets tricky come winter/ snow and sleet though. Once the clean slate of pure snow starts melting , your back to square mud and its quite the sinking sort of mud squares. Not the ideal material for mud pies or anything Pollyana related. Just pure and unadulterated mud/slush and deep deep puddles. The kind of puddles that often catch starry eyed /sparkle dust /winter wonderland NYC tourists by deep slush suprise at crowded NYC street corners and intersections.
DONT FALL IN !!!!!!!!!!!
Its not that much fun mostly....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fall Finale

There is something so final about November weather. Its like here are some warm /rainy days in case you miss summer and are experiencing sunning and tanning withdrawl symptoms. But dont get too comfortable or anything cold /bitter and rainy are all on their merry way down. There just seems to be a few minor sidetracks /technical difficulties & some hurricanes and tornadoes to tend to before they make their way down this way. They should be arriving shortly though , all decked out in winter snowflake finery and plenty of whimsicle icicles to decorate life with. Fickle is another one of November's few attributes as is rain, warm/ lukewarm and bitterly cold depending on the mood of the moment.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Peculier Pub Ponderings & English Lofts

Peculier Pub on Bleeker St , is one of my favorite drinking spots in NYC . Many thanks in full to the one and only Janey for lighting the way towards this particular pub in addition to generally "seeing the laughs for the lofts" when flirting with cute English tourists - not actually residing in looooufts (oh my god I loooove lofts ) but apparently quite full of stories involving lauuuughs . Janey, one day your astute Janique observations /inherent intellectualism/ focused functionalism and perspectives on priorities and marriage stuff will register as valid paths with no error messages. For now they are just filed away under "the ultimate flavored beer over wooden tables creative vocabulary on postcards lessons and related lofty life lessons ".

Peculier Pub Is the perfectly mystic mixture of exotic beer flavors wooden tables/general woodsy decor and heart thawing memories of friendships gone by /renewed and created.Its the perfect place to practice creative ways of elucidating on which letter of the alphabet your referring to, thats F as in Fickle and P as in PMS ....... celebrate milestones /stepping stones/ stumbling blocks and the occasional pitfall.To catch up with old friendships/flirt with tourists from England or just celebrate wrong career choices.There is nothing quite like hovering under wrong assumptions and missed opportunities armed with a Heather Froach Ale or a Woodchuck Draft cider pear flavored ,five friends and an all encompassing resounding multiple toast for holiday cheer consisting of a beer from every state and country .Life is sooooo perfect like that.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Daily Dose of Dismal Disarray

The dismal dose of reality that can medicate any day/task or cubicle curriculum into unadulterated disarray, is the "too dim for bright and too bright for dim" concept all too often running for attention & acknowledgement in a certain jumble of brain waves & circuitry systems.Which seems to be connecting any which way in wayword, circuitious routes & paths, paved/traveled heavily on by meandering energy.And the new & improved neediness now fully ensconced in a coral coated capsule of obnoxiousness, for image preserving purposes.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Wooden Wonderings On Fading To Foam

How integral/ inherent a component is the core/ substance and essence.
Is it ok to just continuously redecorate re-fabricate depending on season and what sort of ladder rung (rusty or platinum or even tungsten steel ) your trying to balance yourself on.
It gets sort of tricky when you spend your whole life fabricating a funky fun or flirty floral fabric outlook only to make the disconcerting discovery that your core essence is just a flimsy piece of spongey foam .Eagerly absorbing and constantly self saturating with all the flirting, flattery and screwy playing dumb in a smooth jazz song concepts and suggestions that are flung along .Thoroughly distracted and secure in the perpetual plastic protection myth and utterly oblivious to the foam thats beginning to question her plastic existence by peeking out with her true colors. I guess its just easier to do a sponge material makeover in a whole new shade of pink coral pleather.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Saturated Scarves and Disconcerting Discoveries

Oh my G-d , will the rain ever stop for just a second or two for some visibility ability. So I believe i'm thoroughly soaked and sincerely saturated ,straight through to the depths of my heart. The far reaching influence of the torrential unrelenting rain drops actually include the replenishing of my empty tear ducts with a cup runneth over sort of attitude of refreshing rainwater for future reference. Quite the comforting thought , as you can never have more than enough tears for future reference.I've never forgotten Forrest Gump's "life is like box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get" . Which is quite the profound truism for pondering .............
On the way back , today sitting in a thoroughly drenched huddle of wet clothes and equally wet accessories all dripping in unison, I fell asleep on the train from Essex and ended up all the way on 179th in Queens missing my intended destination stop give or take an hour or so . The rain in NYC today was definitely not your average mystically misty light warm rain on the not your average warm November wednesday.
It was a harsh ,bitter I will screw you with my rain drops till your pants and all layers of clothing including scarf are wetter than the east river .It was quite the in your face raindrop display, not the happiest raindrops around either.Apparently their childhood in the clouds was quite the cloudy experience and not exactly located in rainbow valley. And the no pot of gold situation was not quite the sort of reality they were anticipating hence the outburst.
I cant seem to get dry or warm. Its like my heart was just drenched into a permanent state of cold, hard ,bitter raindrops that will not dry no matter how hard I try covering up with a warm Abercrombie sweatshirts or a pretty knitted perfectly pink coral and purple birthday scarf from a friend . For some reason this sort of fabricated fixing is not working anymore. And that is quite the disconcerting discovery of the day among other new constant discoveries and realizations.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Innovative Nightlights for Enlightening

Inspiration, awe , jaded, enlightened, love, enthralled , faith ..... emotions in general are basically a jumble of brain wiring /circuitry systems and related chemicals. If the chemical levels are not goin haywire and all circuits and juices are flowing smoothly its smooth sailing sunday at the balanced shore .

Why are some people so complacent, & OK with flourescent lights and winter white ceilings , the utterly mundane,perfectly happy with hum drum and the ordinary, while others crave crystal chandeliers and perfectly pink coral ceilings ,constant stimulation/on the edge thrills / innovation and will only settle for out of the ordinary.

There is so much in life thats expected, but sort of impossible with the living on the edge brain. Is ritalin and adderall really the answer, is coastin on hum drum highway and getting off on ordinary ave, end results that should be incorporated into life's mission statement ?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

How Green will Your Grass Grow

The grass is always greener , when you confine your grass to small circular metal spaces for decorative purposes only . If you dont like local/strict/rigid/look before you step , confined spaces and love the global everywhere approach to stuff, replacing the grass with colorful flowers (in open spaces) is a way better solution than trying to figure out how to keep your grass from getting trampled on and switching colors on you.
Its way easier to be hyper happy and ectatically ecstatic on a consistent basis , if your patch is just a colorful open space of wildflowers running rampant in a "bloom where your planted" and EverywherE in between sort of way.When the going gets muddy, just keep on planting more flowers until the mud is a just a fading memory of smudged drudgery.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Moldy Musings

"Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days "

Just make sure the bread your casting is not fluffy, surfacey moldy and riddled with smiles and holes. Like the kind of bread they sometimes serve at school lunches and classes. Sooner or later , "after many days" , those in charge of distributing the moldy defective products will be inundated with customer service issues/ complaints and other fun happenings and uncomfortable happenstancings.It might be worth it to serve whole wheat and nutritious bread as opposed to fluffy white bread - which is a surfacey sort of bread product and doesnt have as much of a positive impact on the soul like the pure ,real whole wheat bread is known to perpetuate.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Madison Square Park Wrought Iron Romance Display

At the edge of Madison Square Park ,I found this symbol of romance, blissfully blossoming & totally trusting the firm shoulders of wrought iron protection with her blooms.Just looking at the wrought iron strength,you sort of know its a symbol of protection that could be trusted with delicate purely pink petals and bleary eyed blossoms that are prone to weather related moods and petal shedding.Trust in general is not a logic based emotion neither is Love.Both are emotionally laced and based.Emotions usually mess with any sort of logic based reasoning.This sort of deficit usually breeds gardens and gardens of fickle flavored 3 leaf clovers.

Optimistic (Rainbow) Opal Floral Opulance

42nd Library has quite the colorful array of chrysanthymums for the optimistic rainbow opal approach for fall gardening and winter welcoming.Bryant Park took the frigid route and just bought herself a whole new ice skating rink outlook for the winter.At least have fun skating if you gotta deal with all that frigidity and cold (thin ice gets tricky) .Just turn the ice skating music on louder and its quite the scene for the almost November sunshine for a picturesque tanning experience .

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Frostbitten into Rigid Frigidity

Frigid and rigid are the emotions of the day today.The kind of frigid that refuses to go astray, backed heavily by rigid .Stronger than the depths of piping hot Saki,peach flavored absolute,strawberry flavored smirnoff ,blackberry brandy and impervious to the rays of the almost November sunshine . Its what too many frostbites often make of their cold miserable lives.They get togethor and form a pure and unadulterated existence of rigid frigidity, artfully decorated with whimsical icicles and frostbitten snowflakes .

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monday Morning at the Museum of Sex

The Museum of Sex in NYC is quite the sex ed experience.Basically a huge conglomeration of fascinating facts about the history of porn and sex artfully displayed and presented in sexual english .Up to and including an exhibit on crude porn movies (Stag films) from the early 1900's .Quite the steamy sex scenes with fishskin for condoms and they even had an episode where the sneaky male put on his fishskin but tore the top part off.I found this mug on display printed with the following customer service oriented slogan ;

"Stolen from Mabel's Whore house , Where The Customer Comes First "

That is quite the witty kitty whore house slogan for repeat customer coming initiatives .

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall's Farewell Bouquet of Optimistic Foliage

I came across this muted, colored to hazy perfection, fuschia/burgundy and perfectly pink infused farewell bouquet of fall foliage, on one of the many meandering paths at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Right before the harsh winter ,all the trees are doin ecstasy 24/7 hopin to distract and hyper happy dazzle winter into procrastinating with her homecoming.Winter though easily distracted and fickle with weather related concepts , is not one to be distracted once she's made up her mind ,come hyper happy optimism or muted hazy perfect shades and hues of graduating color.The optimistic rainbow opal approach to daily living is just not the answer to dealing with expected cold and harsh . The cold and bare will come anyway, no matter how colorful you paint your life.I guess I can always decorate my life with christmas lights and pretend everything is picture perfect.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fleeting Fall Chrysanthemum Patch

There is nothing quite like a weeping wayward profusion of coral and pink colored chrysanthemum patch to cordially remind everyone that summer is done with her floral farewells. Autumn is practicing hers with foliage previews and Winter is just jumping up and down and cannot wait to come play. Personally I think Winter should just get herself some ritalin or adderall and stop acting out with huge snowstorm tantrums when she has too much energy.And if she's too cold, no need to share the wealth , whiskey usually gets the warmth goin.But my new constant blissful bliss initiative requires me to just focus on stuff using the on a minute per minute basis only rule of thumb. Just love hard , be hyper happy , giggle often, laugh harder until your ribs hurt ,skip the crying parts though - they are not feel good material and just require endless amounts of tissues and red nose to deal with. Also ecstatically ecstatic over the fact that I found some sort of day job that could lead to creative stuff and i dont have to sit at all and there's tons of interesting people around too .So I shouldnt get bored too quickly.And now I can work on my intellectual projects knowing I have some sort of steady income YaY me .

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spiritual Crossroads For The Lost In Transit

The festival of flimsyism is mostly an in your face sort of festival and will keep popping up in remote locations and parks. As will the antiquated concepts and appropiately dressed followers .I'm tanning in the park on a sunny sunday afternoon enthralled by the christian guys boy band playing awesome rock songs and promoting the nearby christian church and their sunday evening sermon programs .Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of black and white, upon closer inspections I confirm the definition of black of white dress ....hareidi chabad folks hangin around in their hats standing around a humble winter white structure earnest in their quest to get random jewish folks to embrace the fruit and foliage bouquet.I mean goodness gracious if pigs were indeed flying around and I was looking for inspiration i'm so goin with the cute christian boy band playin awesome sounding christian persuading songs as opposed to a bunch of lulav and esrog embraching chareidim.It was quite the interesting spiritual dillema crossroads thing. You got the lovely missionaries goin around blessing lost folk and offering their homes in California and a chance to belong .Then you got the Christian boy band promoting the evening sermon in nearby Church then you got Chabad all dressed in festive chareidi glory with the holiday supplies promoting . This particular park has become quite the literal spiritual crossroads for the lost in transit.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Merry Go Round Merriment

Do Merry Go Rounds make u MERRY ? If I go round and round and round on the Merry Go Round of life will I eventually get so dizzy, I'll just collapse in a fit of dizzying merriment.Or do you have to be in a state of perpetual merriment to actually make the mistake of goin round and round and round on the merry go round.Or is the trick switching riding seats every time you complete a round.If you keep on falling off will you eventually fall hard enough lose the merriment and be unable to get back on anymore.And be forced to sit on the metal benches watching the Merry Go Round go round and round and round contemplating the PMS (post merriment suppression ) that just wont go away.But its then that you realize how superficial goin round on the Merry go round was .Creating your own merry go round where you control the direction of the circles and who you ride with and why ure riding ...... is so much more passionately real .And you dont need to listen to the Merry go round director either.You can ride around faster than the speed of irridescent sparkledust and hop on and off at any given point along the ride . You can also decorate the merry go round a merry shade of glitter pink and perpetual purple and sprinkled generously with the irridescent sparkling star dust .And just keep on drinkin vast quantities of green apple smirnoff and blackberry flavored brandy to enhance the continuous laughter of pure and unadulterated merriment all through the desperately dark night until the sparkling pink sapphire with shades of jaded topaz sunrise starts peaking out from beneath the inky darkness .

Friday, October 06, 2006

Succos Sucks Sometimes

In case you were under other erroneous impressions about the Festival of Flimsyism.Its like all depressing concepts fall into play together .Moody cold weather ,spent gardens ,Fall flowers with brooding colors .Its hard focusing on the foliage with the whole gregory gray outlook and cold winds of change just wanting to blow all the floral and leave foliage far far away into the nebulous atmosphere.Just so you know ........

Holdin on to the rusty railings of life for metal support

You can't choose the handles/railings of life currently available for holding on to and maintain balance with , but you can choose which ones you want to use.Or you can pretend surfacey concepts are actual railings and handles. You can also choose what color your want them painted while your in fabricating mode .

Accomplishments for today are as follows :
Worked feverishly on my Tan in the sunlit park right in tune to the melodious strains of guitar strumming done by really cute hippie dude sitting under shady tree (apparently there are alot of individuals with no jobs and lazy lives ) /watched a random group perform some sort of organized motion thing in period costumes/watched a loud anti war rally with equally loud heavily concerned anti war citizens goin around handing out fliers and trying to promote a sense of urgency to the lazy butts sitting on concrete or layin on grass dudes and dudettes tanning/ writing and talking under the sunlight with no interest in anti war demonstrating in sight/Was offered a fundraising job while tanning in the sunlight / purchased awesome blown glass pipes for smokin and enhancing the spiritual high/ Got to experience ABC carpet and home store in all its splendor and glory & bought two ruby red baby wine glasses that are soooo awesome on a drooling colored glass level.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Perpetual Spiritual Trail of Petulant Petals

G-d has been really good to me even though I'm barely scraping spiritual. I came across this ethereal floral grouping of nearly spent antique rose bush blooms creating their own little floral euphoria on a patch of kelly green clover. It seems almost a spiritual photo shoot arrangement only G-d could have orchestrated .A trio of antique roses blooming in unison ,having received their nourishement as baby buds solely through the spent, wilted branch that must have snapped from the cold unemotional Autumn weather .I should have photographed the buds.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Time Flies When Your Having Rum"

Train station billboards sometimes have the best alcohol promoting .I thought this was a perfect Point Pleasant train station direction billboard to contemplate one sunburnt afternoon nearly half past drunk and having just missed a train.

I actually first saw the "Time flies when your having Rum" slogan on an Abercrombie t-shirt that was only available in the wrong size, but I thought it was soooo profound .

Time really does fly when your rummed .It flies when your sober too, albeit not as smoothly or as fun.I can never seem to have that real/intimate totally understanding connection thing goin on with time.Time is sort of like that elusive "stone-cold-warmth girlfriend tag" i'm sometimes referred to as.The one whose heart is one brick away from reachable with warm impressions and cold heartlook on emotions.

Its like you think Time is your warm loving friend, but Time totally plays by the books and clock only ..... rigid rules is it's essence, Time never stands still /Time never waits for you either. It's sort of like the rigid train conductor closing doors as your nearly lose your lungs running up the road , waving his cap in a sorry lady gotta live up to train time rep sort of way.

Looking at the bright side of dim though i'm awesome friends with Procrastinate, actually passionate lovers would be a better description.I can never get enough of Procrastinate and would make love anywhere anytime of the day of night . We bring out the best in each other in a always "putting off tomorrow what we dont have to do today" sort of way.And procrastinate totally gets me and still loves me. Time doesnt get me and doesnt pretend to love me either, just loves bossing me around telling me when to do stuff in a mathematical pre-programmed sort of way.If Time would be human it would probally be considered high functioning autism related ,ticking cuz it was told to tick and the correct thing to do if it wants to function as a clock ..... not cuz it passsionately wants to tick on its own and create its own time management system or new ways to tick or maybe even tock.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Night Lights on the East River

Its hard keeping the night lights bright when the nights keep on getting darker and inkier.You cant depend on the twinkling sparkly stars to provide the glitter and sparkle of bright nights forever.Sooner or later the stars will disappear and it will up to the stargazing individual to provide the night lights and fabricate the sparkle and glitter .Here is where the christmas lights come in to play .If you just continue decorating your life with endless strings of colorful christmas lights there will always be sparkle and glitter and happy color.And the nights will never be cold /harsh and desperately dark.

Jadedly Jubilant but Faded Ruby Red Fern Cast in Stone

So the question is , if your grounded in stone will you always sparkle just a wee bit jaded, like a faded/ jaded ruby red fern with a spent jubilant aura and a muddy disposition to maintain the balance.
Does stone cold have any influence on how passionately you color your life.
If my heart is well insulated to keep the warmth in and the hurt out ,will it always appear cold and distant.Can a stone cold heart cover become a permanent fixture, changing how the heart reacts and who it attracts.
Its Yom Kippur and I'm barely scraping spiritual .Does stone cold block the rays of spirituality.Life is way less complicated when in stone cold mode.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lantern of Enlightening Logic

I got this bit of profound Alice in Wonderland direction deciding /path pondering/ life logic from a longtime inherently intellectual based but liberally laced with real humor friend.Whose astonishingly astute lighthouse keeping abilities and gardening techniques for wayward/fickle/unbridled/rough and tough wildflowers that cannot thrive in cubicles i've constantly been in awe of.I'm always tempted to re-do the lighthouse lights though with pink christmas lights to kick off the Autumn think pink initiative. Anyway this slogan has been a comforting Adderall dose whenever the choices get too complicated and everywhere oriented.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bar Stool Brilliance

Unfortunatly though, I actually adhere to this intoxicating school of thought more frequently.There is something so liberating about avoiding common sense and functional functionalism.