Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall's Farewell Bouquet of Optimistic Foliage

I came across this muted, colored to hazy perfection, fuschia/burgundy and perfectly pink infused farewell bouquet of fall foliage, on one of the many meandering paths at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Right before the harsh winter ,all the trees are doin ecstasy 24/7 hopin to distract and hyper happy dazzle winter into procrastinating with her homecoming.Winter though easily distracted and fickle with weather related concepts , is not one to be distracted once she's made up her mind ,come hyper happy optimism or muted hazy perfect shades and hues of graduating color.The optimistic rainbow opal approach to daily living is just not the answer to dealing with expected cold and harsh . The cold and bare will come anyway, no matter how colorful you paint your life.I guess I can always decorate my life with christmas lights and pretend everything is picture perfect.

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