Thursday, October 26, 2006

Frostbitten into Rigid Frigidity

Frigid and rigid are the emotions of the day today.The kind of frigid that refuses to go astray, backed heavily by rigid .Stronger than the depths of piping hot Saki,peach flavored absolute,strawberry flavored smirnoff ,blackberry brandy and impervious to the rays of the almost November sunshine . Its what too many frostbites often make of their cold miserable lives.They get togethor and form a pure and unadulterated existence of rigid frigidity, artfully decorated with whimsical icicles and frostbitten snowflakes .


Bitter with Onion said...

It is to weep.

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

bitter with onion , weeping is a messy way of dealing with stuff .and just leaves puffy eyelids that droop like dopey in snow white and a red nose reminiscent of bozo the clown. and a cloudy outlook from all the tears that just wont stop coming once you get them started.they are quite the determined tears for chronic crying.Not like a cordial sniffle or two when feeling a little down.MOre like weeping until the sun comes up and the cows come home wich could get quite annoying at times and should be avoided at all costs .

Bitter with Onion said...

Sacrebleu! It is even more to weep!

** snort **