Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Time Flies When Your Having Rum"

Train station billboards sometimes have the best alcohol promoting .I thought this was a perfect Point Pleasant train station direction billboard to contemplate one sunburnt afternoon nearly half past drunk and having just missed a train.

I actually first saw the "Time flies when your having Rum" slogan on an Abercrombie t-shirt that was only available in the wrong size, but I thought it was soooo profound .

Time really does fly when your rummed .It flies when your sober too, albeit not as smoothly or as fun.I can never seem to have that real/intimate totally understanding connection thing goin on with time.Time is sort of like that elusive "stone-cold-warmth girlfriend tag" i'm sometimes referred to as.The one whose heart is one brick away from reachable with warm impressions and cold heartlook on emotions.

Its like you think Time is your warm loving friend, but Time totally plays by the books and clock only ..... rigid rules is it's essence, Time never stands still /Time never waits for you either. It's sort of like the rigid train conductor closing doors as your nearly lose your lungs running up the road , waving his cap in a sorry lady gotta live up to train time rep sort of way.

Looking at the bright side of dim though i'm awesome friends with Procrastinate, actually passionate lovers would be a better description.I can never get enough of Procrastinate and would make love anywhere anytime of the day of night . We bring out the best in each other in a always "putting off tomorrow what we dont have to do today" sort of way.And procrastinate totally gets me and still loves me. Time doesnt get me and doesnt pretend to love me either, just loves bossing me around telling me when to do stuff in a mathematical pre-programmed sort of way.If Time would be human it would probally be considered high functioning autism related ,ticking cuz it was told to tick and the correct thing to do if it wants to function as a clock ..... not cuz it passsionately wants to tick on its own and create its own time management system or new ways to tick or maybe even tock.

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