Friday, October 06, 2006

Holdin on to the rusty railings of life for metal support

You can't choose the handles/railings of life currently available for holding on to and maintain balance with , but you can choose which ones you want to use.Or you can pretend surfacey concepts are actual railings and handles. You can also choose what color your want them painted while your in fabricating mode .

Accomplishments for today are as follows :
Worked feverishly on my Tan in the sunlit park right in tune to the melodious strains of guitar strumming done by really cute hippie dude sitting under shady tree (apparently there are alot of individuals with no jobs and lazy lives ) /watched a random group perform some sort of organized motion thing in period costumes/watched a loud anti war rally with equally loud heavily concerned anti war citizens goin around handing out fliers and trying to promote a sense of urgency to the lazy butts sitting on concrete or layin on grass dudes and dudettes tanning/ writing and talking under the sunlight with no interest in anti war demonstrating in sight/Was offered a fundraising job while tanning in the sunlight / purchased awesome blown glass pipes for smokin and enhancing the spiritual high/ Got to experience ABC carpet and home store in all its splendor and glory & bought two ruby red baby wine glasses that are soooo awesome on a drooling colored glass level.

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