Thursday, December 25, 2008

Analytical Brilliance In The City

Elliot Spitzer is my new favorite writer. He's profound and brilliant. This piece on Slate is an astoundingly astute, well written analytical piece. I also love the NYSE pic used .

Merry Christmas

Hope your Christmas is all about the merriness and then some. I love the way Barnes N Noble's Flag colors coordinate nicely with the Empire State Building all decked out in festive colors.
The navy blue and white street sign ties in well with the blue an white starry eyed section of the U.S.A flag.
In life its all about the color coordinating/ contrasting and connection coordination.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tis the Season for Transit Tinsel and Tree Charms

The New York Transit Museum at Grand Central has their in-store christmas tree and ceiling all decked out in subliminally sparkly & inherently colorful subway transit tree charms and coordinating ceiling ornaments.
Lots of enlightening tinsel and related relic replicas like glitterized tokens sparkling with color and subliminal cheer.
All glittered up and glowing for the holidays. Its my favorite ornament theme on a tree so far.
Their holiday train show is definitely worth the trip from anywhere .
I hope the tree and ceiling ornaments are purchase-able after New Year's.
Its never too early to start collecting traditions.
And I've always had a special space deep in my heart for christmas lights and functional glitter.
But it is getting harder to weather the cold, without needing the warmth, not sure why.
Also, the museum has added a new shot glass to their collection. The clear glass one with the dashing commuter graphic.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Whats in a Bar Association

Walking past the Association of the Bar of the City of New York yesterday, (the NYC Bar where no one knows my name), a message on a flag caught my attention. The words flapped non-flippantly in the wind, reminding random passerbys in no particular order, to remember the really important objectives in life.
The trick though is to qualify for the fortuitous answers flagging you down, qualify in all 50 states that is. Otherwise the answers will continue flagging you down in the wind, in some states or cities.
Its also important to keep in mind that there are many different definitions for qualify, tis the season for the savvy forum shopper.
So I believe that these are the kind of associations one should work hard qualifying for and associate with.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Spending Time The Time Warner Cable Kind of Way

"Newer York" good phraseology me thinks. Any relation to the "New Yorker" just wonderin out loud here at this late hour in "likelihood of confusion" mode.
So how well do you spend your time and money ?
Time and Money are two of the most complicated concepts around today in 2008.
"Showing up" comes in as a strong third runner up in the most complicated concept category.

A Hallmark Holiday Message in the Window

How adorable are the little snow people. Especially the little helpful one at the fir tree with the red rubber rain boots.

Autumn in December

Running to work one morning I found this Autumn masterpiece on Madison Ave.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I heart Duane Reade's Logo color Re-do

Duane Reade has got this sleek silver/grey n white new logo color combo.
And just the other day the Duane Reade I was purchasing my midday necessities in had a cute Australian guy handing out bottles of the new "Balance Water" replete with flower essences. What a floral/hydro concept. The rest of the day was that much smarter, on a mind level.
Did I ever mention I love Duane Reade especially when their stores are all decked out in holiday glitter decor and sparkles for purchase.

Divine Intervention,Counter Responses and Candy Canes

I love the warmth cheer and holiday decor at Penn station this year.
Also, every now and then I understand, again, that there must be a G-d running the world.
Today for instance I had one minute and thirty seconds to purchase a train ticket and run super quickly towards the correct track, which would take me to a different junction with 3 full minutes to spare for the second half of my train ride.Unfortunately for me instead of a train ticket out came a refund receipt! Replete with machine malfunction apologies and instructions to take it right on over to the nearest customer service rep. I huffily puff my way over to the counter lady who starts finding forms to fill out, I subtly sigh out loud about the train and transfer I need to catch. to which she responds with a request for picture ID. Ok I get it, i'm always just a minute and a moment too late.
I emotionally prepare myself for the hour long wait for the next train, and then it dawned upon me that G-d totally wanted me to spend more time photographing the scenery, instead of catching trains on time. Just look at the pretty candy canes and glitter around this time of year. Life is short, no need to waste minutes running hard to catch the train. Always make time to miss the train and stop and photograph the scenery.
My best Autumn pictures this year were taken in between missed trains and waiting around for the next one.
Hope ure month's been merry so far and may many more merriment moments be waiting right around the corner and mere milli-moments away.
Amen! cubed.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Window Shopping For Tradition

Lord & Taylor has quite the heart-throb picturesque tradition in a window scenes and scenic views to choose from.

Window Shopping For Belief

Macy's has quite the holiday message in a window this year.