Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fading Flowers/ Petulant Petals & Spent Blooms

There is so much ethereal fleeting beauty floating around yet there is just as much pain and suffering ,war and fighting and unhappy souls . So the question of the day is why am I trimming spent rose bush blooms , coaxing petulant petunias to continue growing and creating structure systems for my wayward zinnias ,when I should really be on the next plane to comfort the grieving and the hurt .I wish I knew what g-d really expected of me . The free will thing is just way too ambiguous for my everywhere brain. And the sixty sets of instructions in sixty nine different formats are way too sequential thought processing oriented.Its hard to know where to channel your focuses and emotional energies towards. Is going to work tomorrow to brainstorm on how to refocus wayward work energies and mutually beneficial partnerships for profit margin increasing....... is that what g-d really wants me channelling all my emotional energies towards?Was the sitting on a merry maroon task chair typing on a gregory gray speckled laminate worksurface surrounded by dusky amethyst colored panels with an indirect view of the sky was this predestined and hardcoded in the what willl I be doing and accomplishing for the rest of my life program . I wonder if the colors are hardcoded or would that be part of the free will and free freight program . I spend a certain amount of energy towards altruistic activities and I get free freight on the cumulative sinning baggage that needs to be carried around for life. Or I guess the alternative would be repentance on the past sinnings .Then I wouldnt be needing the free freight for excess baggage. I guess praying would be a good idea .Discipline would probally help and pure and unadulterated altruism needs to be my new focus .

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Sparkle & Glitter of my 2nd most favorite Surfacey concept

Fireworks Displays in general on a global level , have got to be one of the most ethereal /awesome /take your breath away & hyper happy inducing/ thrilling concepts around .Its definitely my second most favorite surfacey concept ( first would be concept of christmas lights and before that A) would be rollercoasters ) .I love love love love love watching and experiencing the thrill and awesome larger than life beauty of really loud and colorful fireworks displays .This year I got to watch one great local town display and then four really awesome displays in Liberty state park .I also bought a twenty dolloar Liberty State Tank top from a guy whose father the park was named after. I also got to listen to the history of liberty state park in addition to fun facts like park will be closed cuz no funding or something to that effect available which is pretty sad .I also had plenty of not kosher candy which may actually be the root source of the tooth ache I woke up this morning with .The not kosher candy concept did not get along with the kosher tooth enamel it came in contact with - so it just decided to chip away at the thin veneer of kosher discipline enamel and teach me a lesson in the form of a tooth ache a painful lesson on many different angles - especially considering the fact that I dont have dental insurance mostly. Anyway back to my Liberty State Park July Fourth experience, so also I heard really awesome never before heard of new talent bands playing some really good stuff . I got to watch Jersey Citys fireworks displays and then the Macys fireworks across the river oh my god they had awesome new concepts this year like cubes and planets made out of sparkling color and some oldies but hearthrobbingly goodies like smilies and bows and stuff and really cool chandelier like concepts .The colors were soooooooo vibrant and hyper happy with enough glitter and sparkle to make any jaded soul reallly reallllly happy. But just surfacey kind of happiness cuz once the glitter and sparkle of dazzling color and noise fades away theres nothing really left except a dark inky black sky with jaded twinkling stars for viewing and posterity purposes. sort of like the superficial glitter and sparkle dust of real life surfacey happenstance .

Zany Zinnias

Zinnias have got to have the best personality you can ask for in a flower . I love the way they just bloom all cheerful and hyper in a total sidetracking everywhere sort of way . No structure or anything. And the more you snap at them the heartier they grow back . And the best part is the colors they wear- funky shades of bright optimism and defined focused color . They take the "bloom where ure planted" adage to a whole new bloom where ure planted and everywhere in between sort of level.It's like they were given a boring menial task of just growing in soil and looking all pretty with potential for snappping off life source for spacing out and acting all cordial in a vase purposes and they just decided they were goin to give this growing in soil task a whole new enthusiastic colorful everywhere sort of perspective. So if your stuck contemplating tedious tasks on a gregory gray speckled laminate desk with modesty panel perched alertly & poised for cordial greetings to potential phone ringers on a corresponding heady shade of burgundy wine fabric task chair , in addition to mostly bein in charge of menial tasks and less than exciting work concepts & lets not forget working off of a cubicle curriculum that could use a little edge and excitement, then the Zinnnia is so the flower you want to be emulating on a personality level in addition to bringing to work on "bring a part of your garden to work day" .You may even decide to cultivate Zinnnias on your cubicle window cubicle opening or general panel ledges for steady in-house reinforcement & encouragemnt purposes- sort of like a spiritual garden buddy .