Thursday, July 06, 2006

Zany Zinnias

Zinnias have got to have the best personality you can ask for in a flower . I love the way they just bloom all cheerful and hyper in a total sidetracking everywhere sort of way . No structure or anything. And the more you snap at them the heartier they grow back . And the best part is the colors they wear- funky shades of bright optimism and defined focused color . They take the "bloom where ure planted" adage to a whole new bloom where ure planted and everywhere in between sort of level.It's like they were given a boring menial task of just growing in soil and looking all pretty with potential for snappping off life source for spacing out and acting all cordial in a vase purposes and they just decided they were goin to give this growing in soil task a whole new enthusiastic colorful everywhere sort of perspective. So if your stuck contemplating tedious tasks on a gregory gray speckled laminate desk with modesty panel perched alertly & poised for cordial greetings to potential phone ringers on a corresponding heady shade of burgundy wine fabric task chair , in addition to mostly bein in charge of menial tasks and less than exciting work concepts & lets not forget working off of a cubicle curriculum that could use a little edge and excitement, then the Zinnnia is so the flower you want to be emulating on a personality level in addition to bringing to work on "bring a part of your garden to work day" .You may even decide to cultivate Zinnnias on your cubicle window cubicle opening or general panel ledges for steady in-house reinforcement & encouragemnt purposes- sort of like a spiritual garden buddy .

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