Monday, June 26, 2006

Jaded Sunsets

There is something so sad and heartbreaking and emotionally final ,regarding the concept of Change. I've always associated the concept of change with final and end of the story.Its soo hard looking back at previous life chapters and just flipping through the pages visiting the characters of years gone by.Its so much easier to just delete the chapters and move on as opposed to flippin back and seeing where why how and what went wrong and fixing end of the story kind of relationships and connections.But the truth is though life is a never ending sort of book and even though you think youve deleted chapters you dont like, they will usually or always re appear in subsequent chapters unannounced like bad houseguests that show up and stay for long periods of time without an invitation eating you out of house and home and then borrowing all your vodka for thirst .So i guess now would be a good time to start goin through the long deleted chapters and fixin connections that went bad for the wrong reasons based mostly on a concentrated mixture of concerted immaturity and pure and unadulterated immaturity.

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Anonymous said...

"unadulterated immaturity" - I wouldn't give that up too quickly.