Sunday, June 04, 2006

How Cold will You Freeze for individuality - A tribute to Adderall

An interview with Crystal the snowflake on her newest Angel in the guise of modest unassuming blue pill named adderralll. Have you ever closely examined the emotional well being and inherent structure of a snowflake. A snowflake in and of itself and a gentle snowstorm of delicate flurries. The basic run of the mill flurry snow storm seems like a great place structured well balanced eco system community to belong to. Go with the flow but follow your icy instincts and you should be ok. But alas upon closer inspection the fragile outweigh the strong and icy. Unfocus snapping and hyper euphoric manic meltdowns r commonplace and unfortunate consistent happenings according to a study coordinated by the icicle Society of snowflake county. So the question remains how do the strong sturdy icicles Maintain their weather permitting rigid solid exteriors while their delicate snowflake acquaintances fall apart emotionally at a mere brush against reality. According to crystal president CEO and all encompassing and all inclusive boss and bosses boss of the icicle society of snowflake county the complex and profound answer, the superglue of fragile egos and emotional equlibriums and unfocused used ecosystems can be found in a highly touted perpetually packaged and definitely not trite acclaimed mixture of amphetamines ensconced in a pale shade of aquamarine with light sapphire hues shades and undertones blue pill. The only known side effect that may effect specific snowflakes of certain fragile emotional components is a distinct loss of individuality. Snowflakes says crystal may indeed find themselves yearning for the mundane and the trite and the desire to be just like every other snowflake. May be followed by timid snowstorms and subsequent abandoning of flake traits specific and unique to the snowflake soul. The general consensus in snowflake county seems to reflect the icicle society adage" a half a snowstorm albeit mas s produced and cookie cutter flake reflecting robotic lacy outlooks is better than a meltdown ie no snowflakes at all." the current life altering perspective changing concept the icicle society of snowflake county is currently trying to warm up to is how generic run of the mill would all you snowflakes tolerate how hard would you work to freeze the distinct balance of individuality for survival at the risk of snapping. How cold will you freeze for individuality

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