Thursday, June 08, 2006

If I were a prescription

Accomplishments for last week (always live in the past it helps preserve the fun in dysfunctionlism) include but r not limited to entering and proofreading hundreds of prescription information labels , into a new database .So the obvious profound question is if i were a figuretive prescription what would i consist of . Firstly its the color you sooo want to focus on by default- but like everything in life ,literal color really doesnt say much about the actual purpose/ function or potency of the medication or life in question .Colace is a pretty in gel Ruby red capsule, Prolixin is a happy shade of pink sapphire , Haldol (mg specific) is available in the most awesome light shade of aquamarine .Vitamin E comes ensconced in a glittery golden gelcap .Depakote comes in varying shades of gregory grey /candy pink and tangerine mellow orange depending on the EC versus the ER and also mg specific and Zyprexa Zydus comes in a lemon yellow m tab that melts instantly upon contact .Adderall comes in a heady shade of light blue sapphire and Nexum comes in a pretty in flirtatious purple capsule .Geodon is your run of the mill midnight blue capsule.Seroquel is just a heady shade of white and white .The externals ie the glitter/Color and sparkledust of everday happenstance in life are just general sidetracks. cannot let the packaging/false advertising and marketing persuade or convince or allow for meanderings on the wrong paths . Second point for pondering how excessive did you intend on being with your prescription for life - QID -four times a day TID -three BID-two or OD -once a day are u an early brk breakfaste bird or a late night hs feathered indiviual or an in the middle path pm or lunch goer .another important question for pondering purposes is what actual route did you intend on traveling on - Intramuscularly with minimal pain ,PO - with minimal tasting discomfort and verbal interactions or OU just visual stuff .So many routes ,so many paths its difficult with the choosing . In addition there is always the ever popular how committed are you reallyquestion . There is always the PRN "on an as needed basis" option to fall back on for the committment phobics- if "consistency is a paste jewel only cheap men cherish" then commitment falls right into the same category .... . on a serious level though the trick is to focus on deeper stuff like where am i going and how am i getting there and why did i choose this route in the first place in addition to questions like do i really need a life tour guide to show me the way or can i handle the prescription writing myself without letting the pretty colors and time frames and committments trip me up . Once the prescription is signed youve got to follow the orders or just DC it. "indecision is the key to flexibility" but keeping to the prescriptions in general is usually a good thing though there is room for changes and there is always the option of DCing the original and getting a whole new prescription it just needs the proper authorization and is definitely an awesome check system and focus objective structure to work off of .and it does make life more simple and user friendly when you got the instructions to follow .

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