Sunday, February 24, 2008

Secure As-A-Well-Threaded-Button

I always hated sewing, its right up there with baking, cooking and birthing. But when I was a kid I utterly adored and took very good care of the household button collection, comprised of the prettiest ,shiniest and sparkliest buttons.
My favorite one was the heart shaped button in the perfect shade of think pink.
I was thinking about my best friends in general recently and how annoying and insistent certain old friends that I've chosen to ignore could be(Brother Bunny not you !) . This reflective activity also reminded me to make sure I'm never annoying to those friends that I really care about and would never want to annoy ever and decided there was one best friend that needs his own post.
My bestest friend at this time is a guy who I will refer to as the guy who is as "Secure As- A -Well- Threaded Button" - SAB for short .
There is something so self assuring/reassuring and firm about the ground he's come from and is always standing on no matter which way he's pulled strayed and frayed to and fro. He's astoundingly astute , artfully erudite and brighter than Dyker Heights or certain Bel Harbor streets on Christmas Eve.
He is one of the best huggers and sometimes things are fixed with hugs.
I dont agree with his kissing philosophies but thats just me !
I dont ever kiss up to anyone either ever- just saying .
The un-predictable wind has been annoying,arching snarkily,medicore/ meanish, biting and weathering oriented. And from all sides of the equation and equator .
Weather these days !
Global warming hasn't been able to reach certain hearts yet it seems or maybe they just don't want to admit it very loudly.
SAB makes sure that the threads of all kinds /stripes and colors that fasten themselves to him and him to them,hold him tight and dear and close in a mutually beneficial non-thread-bare relationship non-commitment oriented non time sensitive and or oriented way (its all about the negatives) .
SAB is the kind of button that could take a frayed , weather bittten,borderline biting, hyperactive, thread bare material girl , an unsold coat from the 2007 collection of Misty n Tina's, Tinsel N Musty Non-Modest Must Wear Outerwear collection and with one quick fastening and button upgrade ready the re-furbished coat for Misty n Tina's 2008's patchwork plaid n sequins spring collection modesty issues notwithstanind. No small feat ! All it takes is some sincere, swift ,smooth ,skillfully deft and in depth SAB moves, and button un-bittering /toast re-buttering and coat re-buttoning (no coat offering or holding required except long hugs). And your hooked and heartwarmed for life. No sewing skills or pre-heated hearts needed either.
Spending time with SAB makes you forget scary hasidic old wives tales written subjectively in certain jewish newspapers that will remain unamed. SAB has been known to thaw out some of the coldest hearts in history, and from all corners of society.
SAB make things better and not the way patronizing annoying rebbetzins do.
( I DONT HAVE ANY CHIPS ON MY SHOULDER MiSSUS K ! The MISSUS K who recently insisted on misunderstanding and misconstruing my points on one of the stupidest arguments I ever argued on a different thread. I could not have been as obtuse as you would have liked to pretend I was being. As for your trite book recommendations the hedge one I read back when I was still a newly minted obnoxious teenager. It's always good to have the last word, it doesnt matter if it's on a different thread and the person your arguing with is not even reading it ;-)
SAB makes things better cuz he wants to not cuz he wants others to know he does. SAB pretends he doesn't have any humility but he has more humility than anyone I know.
SAB also helps you not care about hasidic old wives tales that can give you nightmares and or make you barking mad and then some !
SAB if you're reading this tonight, thanks for always knowing all the right buttons to push.And for being the kind of button you are.
You are soooooo my favorite button in my current button collection. Just saying, so you should know.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jaded Topaz Is Not a Big Girl

I'm so better than that just like the fabric store pictured above , BETTER is the way to live !
When I was a kid and behaving like a smaller child/childish or immature, I used to be reprimanded with phrases like "You're a Big Girl Now, or You Know What To Do or What not to Do" . This phraseology always annoyed for so many reasons.
First of all, maybe I was acting immature cuz I didn't know better, or didn't know what to do or not to do.
And maturity is overrated, as is refined, eloquent and elegant.
Gorgeous n Gaudy Gilted Silks / patchwork plaid (not shown) and sequins (previously shown) are way more fun materials to work with. And simple suits are sooooo last seasons sartorial sensation. Patchwork plaid , plenty of sequins and sparkle are what its all about.

And also I'm actually skinny, and not "big" in any way, so there !

Friday, February 22, 2008

An in depth look at Port Authority Art

So The Port Authority Bus Terminal , right in sync with their catchy slogan"there is more to do here than catch a bus" has some depth depicting art displays artfully displayed on interior wall space. Above is a close up view of "Reflection and Depth" by Artist Yaakov Agam.I love the juxtaposition of acute color /stainless steel and reflexive reflection.
It may not be mere coincidence that I spotted this piece of reflective brilliance and color ,just recently at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, on a night when the wind was out and about biting and welcoming and the cold too brittle oriented for outdoor photography opportunities.

Sometimes all you need for warmth is a little color and real in depth reflection and reflexive analytical ability.

This piece of art was especially poignant cuz I had recently come to the hardcore realization that sometimes when I reflect on the depth of certain connections ,I need color and steel to balance out the subjective conjecturing and concluding, innate intimate/ needs/ wants / moments /shortcomings/loftycomings/callings with what G-d really wants of me.

At the end of the day , year , decade and life term I guess it really is all about G-d.

Why do I keep forgetting this. Will I ever remember when I need to.

What if I just embrace atheism enthusiastically due to a general inability to resolve religious concepts and conflicts I dont understand, will G-d understand ?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A series of subliminal messages from the subway

Just some super subtle subliminal messages, the slogan adorned subway halls were preaching recently in signage language.
Its always good to stop and photograph the signage, dont forget to leave space for the new clean slate effect.

Friday, February 08, 2008

A Mystical Message to Spiritual Telemarketers and Pledge Redeemers

The only spiritual institution I would consider supporting these days , for starters would be this sex museum pictured above.
Just wanted to do a quick shout out specifically to the pledge redeemer folks that keep sending me pledge reminders over at the non-profit organization for non-profit activities .
I'd rather support fine New York City museums such as the MuseumofSex than redeem my pledges . I hereby dis-pledge and dis-own- again, those pledges, please move on persistent pests the postal service doesnt run on spirituality, thank you.
But the question still remains :
If I relocate to a far away city like Bangor Maine , Hope Alaska, New Orleans or Hawaii and immerse myself in or start a new organization like the "Good Heart and No Soul" Association for religion free living and the finest in atheist philosophies ,
Ok I made a mistake in 1999 and 2000 and pledged minimal amounts to help concepts that I no longer want to/ wish to /or care to support how can you possible understand otherwise.
Im assuming this outfit is a not for profit racketeer commitee, I havent received any goods or services in return for the aformentioned pledge.
I do hope that any pseudo chance at winning a trip around the world scenario that might have been taken place at the time the pledge was pledged, does not render this a formal agreement. I'm not sure how a one out of a gazillion chance to win a trip to faraway lands would constitue a contract in which we are both acting in response to a mutal committment. But I didnt win so that should not be an issue. ok clear got that , I dont want to hear about any likelihood of confusion issues.
In addition, please note I was under some religious influence and I answered the call in error and clearly I wasn't thinking straight !
Just let it go already for G-ds sake. You guys are worse than vaccum cleaner insurance suckers.
It is now 2008 and I have been studiously ignoring your reminders, mailed to an address that i'm no longer residing at for almost a decade. Don't postage costs mean anything to you guys.
I believe it would be safe to assume at this point in time nearly a decade later , that
Call it a change of heart and mind if you must.
You guys need to update your database software before you start annoying the fucking hell out of nice kind considerate polite and erudite sinners.
Its all about being nice ! And considerate. And caring of course.
Have a merry Friday!

Monday, February 04, 2008

When Life Serves You Screwballs and Swerve

When life serves you screwballs and a swerve, mix up some screwdrivers and drink until you dont know the difference between the screwball and the vodka n spirits coated screwdriver.
Then look up at the bright side. Note that there is still art and color for optimism.
And pretty boutiques that abound around every corner, adorned with unique awnings ,warm and happy about the holiday season.
And there are so many other things to focus aside from the frum screwballs that screw you over, over and again.
That stuff is sooo Vodka under the bridge.
As is the religion they practice. Slivovitz under the bridge, kosher for passover & sabbath.
And all its fees/segulahs and charges.
And dont ever start reminiscing about stuff. It doesnt matter any more.
Speaking of water..........
The "cast thy bread upon the water" slogan has its ways of working out in the long run.
Especially cuz the separating of the dough from the bread before its baked and cast is the womans special opportunity.
So dont mess with women that cast their bread upon the water in the name of giving and caring.
I'm sure the "blessing" and "power" the bread has from that separating could be quite powerful when casting upon the waters.
Yeah i've been reading too many reasons for taking a piece of dough before baking.
And trying to apply a non-baking application to this special opportunity for women of all spiritual levels.
Supposedly as the age old adage goes, the bread that one casts "shall return".
The more bread I cast the less I think about return or even want to personally return .
Sometimes running the other way and never looking back is a return in and of itself in its own way.
What does return really mean or connotate anyway other than regression.
Have a merry monday morning and day.