Friday, February 22, 2008

An in depth look at Port Authority Art

So The Port Authority Bus Terminal , right in sync with their catchy slogan"there is more to do here than catch a bus" has some depth depicting art displays artfully displayed on interior wall space. Above is a close up view of "Reflection and Depth" by Artist Yaakov Agam.I love the juxtaposition of acute color /stainless steel and reflexive reflection.
It may not be mere coincidence that I spotted this piece of reflective brilliance and color ,just recently at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, on a night when the wind was out and about biting and welcoming and the cold too brittle oriented for outdoor photography opportunities.

Sometimes all you need for warmth is a little color and real in depth reflection and reflexive analytical ability.

This piece of art was especially poignant cuz I had recently come to the hardcore realization that sometimes when I reflect on the depth of certain connections ,I need color and steel to balance out the subjective conjecturing and concluding, innate intimate/ needs/ wants / moments /shortcomings/loftycomings/callings with what G-d really wants of me.

At the end of the day , year , decade and life term I guess it really is all about G-d.

Why do I keep forgetting this. Will I ever remember when I need to.

What if I just embrace atheism enthusiastically due to a general inability to resolve religious concepts and conflicts I dont understand, will G-d understand ?

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