Monday, February 04, 2008

When Life Serves You Screwballs and Swerve

When life serves you screwballs and a swerve, mix up some screwdrivers and drink until you dont know the difference between the screwball and the vodka n spirits coated screwdriver.
Then look up at the bright side. Note that there is still art and color for optimism.
And pretty boutiques that abound around every corner, adorned with unique awnings ,warm and happy about the holiday season.
And there are so many other things to focus aside from the frum screwballs that screw you over, over and again.
That stuff is sooo Vodka under the bridge.
As is the religion they practice. Slivovitz under the bridge, kosher for passover & sabbath.
And all its fees/segulahs and charges.
And dont ever start reminiscing about stuff. It doesnt matter any more.
Speaking of water..........
The "cast thy bread upon the water" slogan has its ways of working out in the long run.
Especially cuz the separating of the dough from the bread before its baked and cast is the womans special opportunity.
So dont mess with women that cast their bread upon the water in the name of giving and caring.
I'm sure the "blessing" and "power" the bread has from that separating could be quite powerful when casting upon the waters.
Yeah i've been reading too many reasons for taking a piece of dough before baking.
And trying to apply a non-baking application to this special opportunity for women of all spiritual levels.
Supposedly as the age old adage goes, the bread that one casts "shall return".
The more bread I cast the less I think about return or even want to personally return .
Sometimes running the other way and never looking back is a return in and of itself in its own way.
What does return really mean or connotate anyway other than regression.
Have a merry monday morning and day.


Ronald Coleman said...

Sometimes running the other way and never looking back is a return in and of itself in its own way.

You may be onto something there, Jaded. It seems that no matter where your particular journey takes you, "back" is not going to be a fun or even satisfactory place.

That still leaves lots and lots of other places though, including maybe some you've never been in that you only think you know because you can smell baking challah from the outside (and unlike most people you find this small unpleasant!).

But never regress also means never be fenced in by past negative experiences, right?

Sometimes running the other way and never looking back is a return in and of itself in its own way.

That's what I thought you said!

See you on the road!

Jaded Topaz said...

I've come to the conclusion that life is like that merry go round you often find in amusement parks.
Just when you think you're running right along and its all new lights color and songs , you're back to where you started and its the same songs and the same concepts. Only this time you're that much more tired and its too dark to see the color.
And Merry is just a name !
And you learn to understand that you will move round in circles whether you run sit laugh walk jump dance or cry.
Its just a merry go round Its not an actual road.
Just don't fall off or anything.
Its hard to get back on again in the dark.

As for negative experiences, whatever didnt ruin me just made me meaner !
Its a whole meaner and leaner me these days.

Ronald Coleman said...

Yes, you look so skinny. Gevald. Have some challah!

Anonymous said...

Meaner doesn't tuck you in at night or rub your stomache when you have cramps.

Ther are enough mean bitches in the city, we don't need more.

Plus mean girls either get super asshole guys that will hurt them, or really wimpy pushovers. You can still be a nice person who is assertive and doesn't let people step on her.

Jaded Topaz said...

Its good to see you thinking about shabbas so early in the weekend.
I believe Tuesday is the day ure supposed to start preparing for it.

I dont agree with your last sentence. I was born "nice" unfortunately.
I blame the blatant midwestern roots in the tree.Inherited pollyanism.
Having thankfully been born in New York I understand how not smart it is to be the "nice/naive/" individuals always looking for the best in others and looking away when the worst is tripping you up.
Traits I had to unlearn the hard way. i was the kid in school who couldnt believe they would let hillel freeze on the roof cuz he couldnt afford to enter the place of learning. I also remember being horrified that 2 sages would make fun of a woman who kept putting the loaves of challah (Ron -it all comes back to the challah i've learned this week) somewhere in the synagogue and when they were gone she thought that g-d had accepted them or something.
I dont remember the story but 2 sages were laughing at her and there was some kind of dont make fun of anyone moral learned. But I remember as a little kid not able to understand how supposed sages would make fun of a woman just cuz she was a little naive.
Then I understood that hardly anyone practices what they preach.
My school teachers preached all day.
The administration never hesitated to embarrass when the deemed necessary with regards to parents who didnt pay so well on time.
I had a good little heart when I was a kid.
It took me a little while to grow up.
Lots of hard lessons learned, some learned over and over again.

I'm not worried about attracting the kind of men you describe ie: "super asssholes" or "wimpy pushovers".

Ronald Coleman said...

Jaded, thinking about challah is not thinking about Shabbos!

On the other hand it is erev Shabbos now... and boy what a week it's been... so maybe I'd better start!

(By the way, no one asked but since I'm here -- you're not doing a very credible imitation of "mean"!)