Monday, January 28, 2008

A running reminder for the runner in all of us

Its always important to stop and read what the pointedly pedestrian/sometimes piercing and or poignant signs in the city are trying to tell you.

Like the purported purpose ever piece of grass (crab or otherwise) supposedly lives for, every sneaker and sweatshirt probally has its purpose in the fabulous and fashionable life of everyday fashion sportswear .

And their personal manufacturer is here to help you achieve that purpose by combining their mission statement with your mission statement!

Its a whole new level of "mutually beneficial relationship".

Procrastination is so the losers of last game season.

Running in style is always in style and never a non- winnner.

There is nothing quite so refreshing as a brisk run, the other way, exceptions may apply.

Also, "Blackberry Tart n Tasteful Retorting buddy" this tart shoutout is for you :

GET ADDERALL Yesterday !!!! = you will be much more focused/ successful and probally happier.

This last pro-stimulant and medicinal sentence has been sponsored by the Artfully Tart and Bitterly Abrupt association for complicated living loving and running.


Ry said...

Your recipes are always toothsome but you leave out the main ingredient every time: -- huge dollops of our favorite mineral, irony!

Why, with all those ironic fillings, it's hardly a wonder you're so magnetic!

Anonymous said...

Procrastination -- I have a witty comment on it, but I'll post it tomorrow...

Jaded Topaz said...

well magnetic is not always a positive thing ! Maybe I need insurance or something.
In case my brain falls out or something ;-)
Or I just get all used up.
But then there is always sequined outfits on the house !
Rides from strangers.
And other unique offers.
Did I ever mention the frum person who mistook me for a prostitute in Bryant Park in broad daylight!
Life is beautiful like that.
A drink at Stitch in time is generally not the right time.
And hardly saves the diginity if there is any left.

As long as ure using your own paddles and not sinking oh and loving many, its all goood !
I think the large pink bunny on the corner should be doing her Easter sitting on green grass debut soon.
Is the grass reall green on the sides your not on. Or running towards.Or away from.Or returning to.
In the past the only green grass i've come across was safely ensconced in circular metal pots for decorative purposes in only.
Sort of religion........
Send my corner all my love. and a kiss or two to the marvelous one!