Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Enlightening Lanterns/Bitter Pretend-Tungsten Barriers

When life gets disconcertingly dim, and "insubordination" is a problem, throw all barriers to the bitter winds blustering around,specifically tall pseudo frum aluminum pretending to be erudite responsible know it all hardcore tungsten barriers.
These barriers should be second guessed /twisted apart often until they understand how non-tungsten and twistable/ bendable and mockable their reasonings and reasons are.
Its best to just focus on finding those elusive enlightened lanterns and cheery ruby red ribboned holiday wreaths always within reach.
Your success should never hinge on the banal barriers ,miserable, medicore,literally lazy,sincerely stupid, innately insecure self centered screwballs,that have self screwed their miserable selves into well positioned, positions that allow for the screwing of others based on half truths and whole tall tales and well disguised insecurities with hardly a second guessing !!!!!
Does the torah have any opinion on creative revenge ?
Its just so fucking unfair.

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