Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tedious Tuesday's To Do List

Tuesday's Tasks:
Pop Adderall.
Recite the Iggeres Haramban letter and spend 10 minutes of precious morning commute time communicating lofty thoughts and caring altruistic prayers to
(In the faithful hopes of ensuring successful completion of today's cubicle curriculum schedule.)If you pray for others the altruistic energies boomerang right back supposedly, though this should not be the intial intention probally but its always good to practice altruism.
Arrive ten minutes early to work to override consistent bad habit of latecomings.
Work hard, stay focused all day.Pop Adderall often. There's nothing like feel good focus helper.
Those candy boxes of days gone by just never heard of Adderall ."Dope" is not everything.
Though with the Adderall, sometimes I feel like my personality is on vacation. I'm not sure whats more important, sitting focused and working hard or having a personality.It would be lovely to have both .I guess G-d wasnt in a good mood that day when he was putting my brain togethor
Tan tenaciously during all 30 minutes of lunch time.Arrive (outside on next street with public outdoor furniture) early , for best view of snatches of sun between tall buildings.
Sun-dream of winning many different jewelry design awards simultaneously.
With a heavily concerted focus on that best use of color and design category.
Arrange weekend hyper-happy sparkle and glitter party for nieces.
Purchase seasons pass to Six Flags.
Pop more Adderall.
Plan a garden
Contemplate going Greyhound or cruising on the Crescent
Decide that responsiblity comes first as does committment and all related fun words not related to runaway.
And that should probally be it for another day in the life of a "Groundhog Day"
Tea for Tuesday anyone ?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pondering at Peculiar Pub

Peculiar Pub is the perfect place to ponder perplexing stuff with friends.
I've sorted out lots of complicated stuff over these tables.
I've also done alot of listening to others here.
There's something about alcohol that makes listening a whole lot easier.
"Time really does fly when ure havin rum"
For the rest of the time though there's Adderall.
Life short though, and times a wastin.
The question is what the fuck should I really be doin with the time.
Its soooo hard getting up every morning and just goin for another Groundhog day. Hopping on to a Greyhound at Port Authority is always tempting.
As is boarding the Crescent to New Orleans at Penn Station.
Or even that Vermont Train.- I should really live for the moment - the snow is melting .......
I keep forgetting why I need to be working so hard and for what and how long, how many when/ where and how often.
I dislike mornings, any morning.
Especially Moody Monday Mornings though.
And then you got the whole Tedious Tuesday ahead of you, YaY.
Wimpy Wednesday is right around the corner all mediocre and neither here nor there really just spacing out in middle of the week.
Thirsty Thursday is the day you should be looking forward to though.
And Sunny Saturdays at the shore.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Joys of Rejoicing

Random Stuff To Rejoice About, In No Particular Order :
Chandelier touring at ABC Carpet and Home (see above pic).
My Fixed Blackberry.
Bon Jovi’s new song.
My Nieces and Nephews .
Grays Anatomy.
Adderall .
Spring .
Flowering Trees .
Sharon Begley's new book .
My Comprehensive Shotglass Collection .
The plethora of men that want to sleep with me.
The fun fact that I’m still at the same cubicle and it’s been a month!
I LOVE MY JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amusement parks are opening their pearly gates of fun in less than a month!
Persons of the unadulterated altruism persuasion, that dispense focus and care.
The magic charm of the Iggeres Haramban letter.

And then there is the rustic everyday reality that just overrides stuff, alot of stuff by rusty default. The kind of rustic reality that you just cant build charming cottages with quaint front porch perspectives out of. Its more like those bitterly abandoned sheds with barely an ounce of self respecting paint left..... just spacing out at the edge of large properties not likely to be influenced by optimistic gardens and flowers. Maybe a windowsill garden though and a charming crystal chandelier or six .

When life hands you a glass ..........

When life hands you a glass, go for the flower gazing in a glass vase motif.
It generally works better than alcohol and related liquids (even lemonade) in providing/ perpetuating persistent optimsim and other fundamentals of faith.
Especially in the morning.
Go ahead, make Pollyana proud- she's definitely smiling smugly in Pollyana heaven.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Fixing the Focus/Crocuses and the Crux of the matter

Life is mostly all about the focus.Experiencing the cold harsh winter in all its fickle finery , faithfully until the cows come home/the snow/hail stops sleeting and the pretty in flirty purple crocuses come out to play.I wish I knew how to fix the focus though.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Steel Structure Systems/Tulips and Lips

So today I'd like to thank G-d for spring , flowers , bulbs ,zinnias, roses,tulips, cosmos, petunias, color /flirty flowering trees and related floral activity . (See last years tulips in NYC pic above for imagery purposes only).(Always live in the past..... it helps perpetuate the fun in dysfunctional...& under a whole new light).
There definitely is nothing like Spring, for the perfect distraction.A whole new flowering slate of color/optimism and all things Pollyana oriented.
Oh , And thank G-d for steel structure systems that keeps things in check when the colorful go hyper and start coloring everything an iridescent shade of disarray.
Sometimes we dont know why we have steel bars hampering our growth and painting everything a rigid shade of metallic grey.
Other times we dont know either.
I guess thats why we have the lips..... for verbal accolading , gracious gratituding ,faithful(less) thanking and related activities.

Like thanking G-d for the good, the bad, and the ambiguous.

Back to last years tulips though ....are they doing a way better growth thing with the rigid steel check system here in NYC ?
Would they be better off in a runaway field in some rural part of Holland or would they just end up in a Ruby Red ABC Carpet & Home vase spacing out on a funky pink glass desk.
Or are they merrily making the most of their pretty little short tulip lives stifled and blooming in neat rows of strict color and artful rigidness.

I've always wondered what the best way is to grow as a tulip / zinnia /cosmo or any flower. Is the flower supposed to conform to the garden or do you create the garden to conform to the flower.What about wildflowers are they supposed to change gardens and scenery every 2-3 weeks.

Did I mention I love love love love love love love flowers .