Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tedious Tuesday's To Do List

Tuesday's Tasks:
Pop Adderall.
Recite the Iggeres Haramban letter and spend 10 minutes of precious morning commute time communicating lofty thoughts and caring altruistic prayers to
(In the faithful hopes of ensuring successful completion of today's cubicle curriculum schedule.)If you pray for others the altruistic energies boomerang right back supposedly, though this should not be the intial intention probally but its always good to practice altruism.
Arrive ten minutes early to work to override consistent bad habit of latecomings.
Work hard, stay focused all day.Pop Adderall often. There's nothing like feel good focus helper.
Those candy boxes of days gone by just never heard of Adderall ."Dope" is not everything.
Though with the Adderall, sometimes I feel like my personality is on vacation. I'm not sure whats more important, sitting focused and working hard or having a personality.It would be lovely to have both .I guess G-d wasnt in a good mood that day when he was putting my brain togethor
Tan tenaciously during all 30 minutes of lunch time.Arrive (outside on next street with public outdoor furniture) early , for best view of snatches of sun between tall buildings.
Sun-dream of winning many different jewelry design awards simultaneously.
With a heavily concerted focus on that best use of color and design category.
Arrange weekend hyper-happy sparkle and glitter party for nieces.
Purchase seasons pass to Six Flags.
Pop more Adderall.
Plan a garden
Contemplate going Greyhound or cruising on the Crescent
Decide that responsiblity comes first as does committment and all related fun words not related to runaway.
And that should probally be it for another day in the life of a "Groundhog Day"
Tea for Tuesday anyone ?

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Ronald Coleman said...

This is really good.