Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Madison Square Park Wrought Iron Romance Display

At the edge of Madison Square Park ,I found this symbol of romance, blissfully blossoming & totally trusting the firm shoulders of wrought iron protection with her blooms.Just looking at the wrought iron strength,you sort of know its a symbol of protection that could be trusted with delicate purely pink petals and bleary eyed blossoms that are prone to weather related moods and petal shedding.Trust in general is not a logic based emotion neither is Love.Both are emotionally laced and based.Emotions usually mess with any sort of logic based reasoning.This sort of deficit usually breeds gardens and gardens of fickle flavored 3 leaf clovers.

Optimistic (Rainbow) Opal Floral Opulance

42nd Library has quite the colorful array of chrysanthymums for the optimistic rainbow opal approach for fall gardening and winter welcoming.Bryant Park took the frigid route and just bought herself a whole new ice skating rink outlook for the winter.At least have fun skating if you gotta deal with all that frigidity and cold (thin ice gets tricky) .Just turn the ice skating music on louder and its quite the scene for the almost November sunshine for a picturesque tanning experience .

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Frostbitten into Rigid Frigidity

Frigid and rigid are the emotions of the day today.The kind of frigid that refuses to go astray, backed heavily by rigid .Stronger than the depths of piping hot Saki,peach flavored absolute,strawberry flavored smirnoff ,blackberry brandy and impervious to the rays of the almost November sunshine . Its what too many frostbites often make of their cold miserable lives.They get togethor and form a pure and unadulterated existence of rigid frigidity, artfully decorated with whimsical icicles and frostbitten snowflakes .

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monday Morning at the Museum of Sex

The Museum of Sex in NYC is quite the sex ed experience.Basically a huge conglomeration of fascinating facts about the history of porn and sex artfully displayed and presented in sexual english .Up to and including an exhibit on crude porn movies (Stag films) from the early 1900's .Quite the steamy sex scenes with fishskin for condoms and they even had an episode where the sneaky male put on his fishskin but tore the top part off.I found this mug on display printed with the following customer service oriented slogan ;

"Stolen from Mabel's Whore house , Where The Customer Comes First "

That is quite the witty kitty whore house slogan for repeat customer coming initiatives .

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall's Farewell Bouquet of Optimistic Foliage

I came across this muted, colored to hazy perfection, fuschia/burgundy and perfectly pink infused farewell bouquet of fall foliage, on one of the many meandering paths at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Right before the harsh winter ,all the trees are doin ecstasy 24/7 hopin to distract and hyper happy dazzle winter into procrastinating with her homecoming.Winter though easily distracted and fickle with weather related concepts , is not one to be distracted once she's made up her mind ,come hyper happy optimism or muted hazy perfect shades and hues of graduating color.The optimistic rainbow opal approach to daily living is just not the answer to dealing with expected cold and harsh . The cold and bare will come anyway, no matter how colorful you paint your life.I guess I can always decorate my life with christmas lights and pretend everything is picture perfect.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fleeting Fall Chrysanthemum Patch

There is nothing quite like a weeping wayward profusion of coral and pink colored chrysanthemum patch to cordially remind everyone that summer is done with her floral farewells. Autumn is practicing hers with foliage previews and Winter is just jumping up and down and cannot wait to come play. Personally I think Winter should just get herself some ritalin or adderall and stop acting out with huge snowstorm tantrums when she has too much energy.And if she's too cold, no need to share the wealth , whiskey usually gets the warmth goin.But my new constant blissful bliss initiative requires me to just focus on stuff using the on a minute per minute basis only rule of thumb. Just love hard , be hyper happy , giggle often, laugh harder until your ribs hurt ,skip the crying parts though - they are not feel good material and just require endless amounts of tissues and red nose to deal with. Also ecstatically ecstatic over the fact that I found some sort of day job that could lead to creative stuff and i dont have to sit at all and there's tons of interesting people around too .So I shouldnt get bored too quickly.And now I can work on my intellectual projects knowing I have some sort of steady income YaY me .

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spiritual Crossroads For The Lost In Transit

The festival of flimsyism is mostly an in your face sort of festival and will keep popping up in remote locations and parks. As will the antiquated concepts and appropiately dressed followers .I'm tanning in the park on a sunny sunday afternoon enthralled by the christian guys boy band playing awesome rock songs and promoting the nearby christian church and their sunday evening sermon programs .Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of black and white, upon closer inspections I confirm the definition of black of white dress ....hareidi chabad folks hangin around in their hats standing around a humble winter white structure earnest in their quest to get random jewish folks to embrace the fruit and foliage bouquet.I mean goodness gracious if pigs were indeed flying around and I was looking for inspiration i'm so goin with the cute christian boy band playin awesome sounding christian persuading songs as opposed to a bunch of lulav and esrog embraching chareidim.It was quite the interesting spiritual dillema crossroads thing. You got the lovely missionaries goin around blessing lost folk and offering their homes in California and a chance to belong .Then you got the Christian boy band promoting the evening sermon in nearby Church then you got Chabad all dressed in festive chareidi glory with the holiday supplies promoting . This particular park has become quite the literal spiritual crossroads for the lost in transit.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Merry Go Round Merriment

Do Merry Go Rounds make u MERRY ? If I go round and round and round on the Merry Go Round of life will I eventually get so dizzy, I'll just collapse in a fit of dizzying merriment.Or do you have to be in a state of perpetual merriment to actually make the mistake of goin round and round and round on the merry go round.Or is the trick switching riding seats every time you complete a round.If you keep on falling off will you eventually fall hard enough lose the merriment and be unable to get back on anymore.And be forced to sit on the metal benches watching the Merry Go Round go round and round and round contemplating the PMS (post merriment suppression ) that just wont go away.But its then that you realize how superficial goin round on the Merry go round was .Creating your own merry go round where you control the direction of the circles and who you ride with and why ure riding ...... is so much more passionately real .And you dont need to listen to the Merry go round director either.You can ride around faster than the speed of irridescent sparkledust and hop on and off at any given point along the ride . You can also decorate the merry go round a merry shade of glitter pink and perpetual purple and sprinkled generously with the irridescent sparkling star dust .And just keep on drinkin vast quantities of green apple smirnoff and blackberry flavored brandy to enhance the continuous laughter of pure and unadulterated merriment all through the desperately dark night until the sparkling pink sapphire with shades of jaded topaz sunrise starts peaking out from beneath the inky darkness .

Friday, October 06, 2006

Succos Sucks Sometimes

In case you were under other erroneous impressions about the Festival of Flimsyism.Its like all depressing concepts fall into play together .Moody cold weather ,spent gardens ,Fall flowers with brooding colors .Its hard focusing on the foliage with the whole gregory gray outlook and cold winds of change just wanting to blow all the floral and leave foliage far far away into the nebulous atmosphere.Just so you know ........

Holdin on to the rusty railings of life for metal support

You can't choose the handles/railings of life currently available for holding on to and maintain balance with , but you can choose which ones you want to use.Or you can pretend surfacey concepts are actual railings and handles. You can also choose what color your want them painted while your in fabricating mode .

Accomplishments for today are as follows :
Worked feverishly on my Tan in the sunlit park right in tune to the melodious strains of guitar strumming done by really cute hippie dude sitting under shady tree (apparently there are alot of individuals with no jobs and lazy lives ) /watched a random group perform some sort of organized motion thing in period costumes/watched a loud anti war rally with equally loud heavily concerned anti war citizens goin around handing out fliers and trying to promote a sense of urgency to the lazy butts sitting on concrete or layin on grass dudes and dudettes tanning/ writing and talking under the sunlight with no interest in anti war demonstrating in sight/Was offered a fundraising job while tanning in the sunlight / purchased awesome blown glass pipes for smokin and enhancing the spiritual high/ Got to experience ABC carpet and home store in all its splendor and glory & bought two ruby red baby wine glasses that are soooo awesome on a drooling colored glass level.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Perpetual Spiritual Trail of Petulant Petals

G-d has been really good to me even though I'm barely scraping spiritual. I came across this ethereal floral grouping of nearly spent antique rose bush blooms creating their own little floral euphoria on a patch of kelly green clover. It seems almost a spiritual photo shoot arrangement only G-d could have orchestrated .A trio of antique roses blooming in unison ,having received their nourishement as baby buds solely through the spent, wilted branch that must have snapped from the cold unemotional Autumn weather .I should have photographed the buds.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Time Flies When Your Having Rum"

Train station billboards sometimes have the best alcohol promoting .I thought this was a perfect Point Pleasant train station direction billboard to contemplate one sunburnt afternoon nearly half past drunk and having just missed a train.

I actually first saw the "Time flies when your having Rum" slogan on an Abercrombie t-shirt that was only available in the wrong size, but I thought it was soooo profound .

Time really does fly when your rummed .It flies when your sober too, albeit not as smoothly or as fun.I can never seem to have that real/intimate totally understanding connection thing goin on with time.Time is sort of like that elusive "stone-cold-warmth girlfriend tag" i'm sometimes referred to as.The one whose heart is one brick away from reachable with warm impressions and cold heartlook on emotions.

Its like you think Time is your warm loving friend, but Time totally plays by the books and clock only ..... rigid rules is it's essence, Time never stands still /Time never waits for you either. It's sort of like the rigid train conductor closing doors as your nearly lose your lungs running up the road , waving his cap in a sorry lady gotta live up to train time rep sort of way.

Looking at the bright side of dim though i'm awesome friends with Procrastinate, actually passionate lovers would be a better description.I can never get enough of Procrastinate and would make love anywhere anytime of the day of night . We bring out the best in each other in a always "putting off tomorrow what we dont have to do today" sort of way.And procrastinate totally gets me and still loves me. Time doesnt get me and doesnt pretend to love me either, just loves bossing me around telling me when to do stuff in a mathematical pre-programmed sort of way.If Time would be human it would probally be considered high functioning autism related ,ticking cuz it was told to tick and the correct thing to do if it wants to function as a clock ..... not cuz it passsionately wants to tick on its own and create its own time management system or new ways to tick or maybe even tock.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Night Lights on the East River

Its hard keeping the night lights bright when the nights keep on getting darker and inkier.You cant depend on the twinkling sparkly stars to provide the glitter and sparkle of bright nights forever.Sooner or later the stars will disappear and it will up to the stargazing individual to provide the night lights and fabricate the sparkle and glitter .Here is where the christmas lights come in to play .If you just continue decorating your life with endless strings of colorful christmas lights there will always be sparkle and glitter and happy color.And the nights will never be cold /harsh and desperately dark.

Jadedly Jubilant but Faded Ruby Red Fern Cast in Stone

So the question is , if your grounded in stone will you always sparkle just a wee bit jaded, like a faded/ jaded ruby red fern with a spent jubilant aura and a muddy disposition to maintain the balance.
Does stone cold have any influence on how passionately you color your life.
If my heart is well insulated to keep the warmth in and the hurt out ,will it always appear cold and distant.Can a stone cold heart cover become a permanent fixture, changing how the heart reacts and who it attracts.
Its Yom Kippur and I'm barely scraping spiritual .Does stone cold block the rays of spirituality.Life is way less complicated when in stone cold mode.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lantern of Enlightening Logic

I got this bit of profound Alice in Wonderland direction deciding /path pondering/ life logic from a longtime inherently intellectual based but liberally laced with real humor friend.Whose astonishingly astute lighthouse keeping abilities and gardening techniques for wayward/fickle/unbridled/rough and tough wildflowers that cannot thrive in cubicles i've constantly been in awe of.I'm always tempted to re-do the lighthouse lights though with pink christmas lights to kick off the Autumn think pink initiative. Anyway this slogan has been a comforting Adderall dose whenever the choices get too complicated and everywhere oriented.