Monday, October 09, 2006

Merry Go Round Merriment

Do Merry Go Rounds make u MERRY ? If I go round and round and round on the Merry Go Round of life will I eventually get so dizzy, I'll just collapse in a fit of dizzying merriment.Or do you have to be in a state of perpetual merriment to actually make the mistake of goin round and round and round on the merry go round.Or is the trick switching riding seats every time you complete a round.If you keep on falling off will you eventually fall hard enough lose the merriment and be unable to get back on anymore.And be forced to sit on the metal benches watching the Merry Go Round go round and round and round contemplating the PMS (post merriment suppression ) that just wont go away.But its then that you realize how superficial goin round on the Merry go round was .Creating your own merry go round where you control the direction of the circles and who you ride with and why ure riding ...... is so much more passionately real .And you dont need to listen to the Merry go round director either.You can ride around faster than the speed of irridescent sparkledust and hop on and off at any given point along the ride . You can also decorate the merry go round a merry shade of glitter pink and perpetual purple and sprinkled generously with the irridescent sparkling star dust .And just keep on drinkin vast quantities of green apple smirnoff and blackberry flavored brandy to enhance the continuous laughter of pure and unadulterated merriment all through the desperately dark night until the sparkling pink sapphire with shades of jaded topaz sunrise starts peaking out from beneath the inky darkness .


Tartly brilliant and broke said...

How can you go from an argument for "passionately real" to one for "drinkin [sic] vast quantities of green apple smirnoff and blackberry flavored brandy to enhance the continuous laughter ..."

Get real, Crystal!

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

Sometimes the only way to get feel good real is if you drink enough green apple smirnoff mixed with black berry flavored brandy for flavored balance.Otherwise real is just not something one would want to be getting.Wouldnt feel very good either .When life gives you lemons make lemon drops and drink until you dont know the difference between spent blooms and spent faith.I had a better version of that quote designed for a comeback somewhere but its escaping my current merry state of merriment memory.LIfe is Merry mostly just dont forget the merriment helpers .

Tart broken said...

I've heard Crystal has had some very merry times indeed after five or so of those little green bottles on New Jersey Transit. I guess that was real enough.