Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spiritual Crossroads For The Lost In Transit

The festival of flimsyism is mostly an in your face sort of festival and will keep popping up in remote locations and parks. As will the antiquated concepts and appropiately dressed followers .I'm tanning in the park on a sunny sunday afternoon enthralled by the christian guys boy band playing awesome rock songs and promoting the nearby christian church and their sunday evening sermon programs .Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of black and white, upon closer inspections I confirm the definition of black of white dress ....hareidi chabad folks hangin around in their hats standing around a humble winter white structure earnest in their quest to get random jewish folks to embrace the fruit and foliage bouquet.I mean goodness gracious if pigs were indeed flying around and I was looking for inspiration i'm so goin with the cute christian boy band playin awesome sounding christian persuading songs as opposed to a bunch of lulav and esrog embraching chareidim.It was quite the interesting spiritual dillema crossroads thing. You got the lovely missionaries goin around blessing lost folk and offering their homes in California and a chance to belong .Then you got the Christian boy band promoting the evening sermon in nearby Church then you got Chabad all dressed in festive chareidi glory with the holiday supplies promoting . This particular park has become quite the literal spiritual crossroads for the lost in transit.

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