Friday, October 20, 2006

Fleeting Fall Chrysanthemum Patch

There is nothing quite like a weeping wayward profusion of coral and pink colored chrysanthemum patch to cordially remind everyone that summer is done with her floral farewells. Autumn is practicing hers with foliage previews and Winter is just jumping up and down and cannot wait to come play. Personally I think Winter should just get herself some ritalin or adderall and stop acting out with huge snowstorm tantrums when she has too much energy.And if she's too cold, no need to share the wealth , whiskey usually gets the warmth goin.But my new constant blissful bliss initiative requires me to just focus on stuff using the on a minute per minute basis only rule of thumb. Just love hard , be hyper happy , giggle often, laugh harder until your ribs hurt ,skip the crying parts though - they are not feel good material and just require endless amounts of tissues and red nose to deal with. Also ecstatically ecstatic over the fact that I found some sort of day job that could lead to creative stuff and i dont have to sit at all and there's tons of interesting people around too .So I shouldnt get bored too quickly.And now I can work on my intellectual projects knowing I have some sort of steady income YaY me .

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