Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Madison Square Park Wrought Iron Romance Display

At the edge of Madison Square Park ,I found this symbol of romance, blissfully blossoming & totally trusting the firm shoulders of wrought iron protection with her blooms.Just looking at the wrought iron strength,you sort of know its a symbol of protection that could be trusted with delicate purely pink petals and bleary eyed blossoms that are prone to weather related moods and petal shedding.Trust in general is not a logic based emotion neither is Love.Both are emotionally laced and based.Emotions usually mess with any sort of logic based reasoning.This sort of deficit usually breeds gardens and gardens of fickle flavored 3 leaf clovers.


Bitterly Brilliant said...

Is trust an emotion?!


No wonder.

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

Sort of ,its based on a messy jumble of brainwave action,and reasoning obscured heavily by needyism and other stuff, resulting in some sort of figuretive action.

Bitterly Brilliant said...

That's been my experience, yeah.