Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Moldy Musings

"Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days "

Just make sure the bread your casting is not fluffy, surfacey moldy and riddled with smiles and holes. Like the kind of bread they sometimes serve at school lunches and classes. Sooner or later , "after many days" , those in charge of distributing the moldy defective products will be inundated with customer service issues/ complaints and other fun happenings and uncomfortable happenstancings.It might be worth it to serve whole wheat and nutritious bread as opposed to fluffy white bread - which is a surfacey sort of bread product and doesnt have as much of a positive impact on the soul like the pure ,real whole wheat bread is known to perpetuate.


Tartful Blogger said...

Crystal, you have broken the mold once again!

Query: Can even the fluffiest, freshest bread suffice as birthday cake? And of the latter, what effect does that have on the soul?

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

Fluffyism and sufficient cannot coexist peacefully in a given sequential emotional process.Unless the initial objective for birthday celebrating is to emotionally obscure the fun fact that not only does time fly WHEN your having rum it does so, even if youve ONLY been having rum and ignoring other important life functions and tasks....This would definitely call for a birthday cake baked exclusively with fluffyism topped with a rusty rose colored blanket of cotton candy.

And then I would be washing down the freshly baked flaky fluffyism with the lemon drop drinks i've been concocting from all the lemons lifes been gracious enough to be handing/dropppin on me, on a consistent basis.Until i dont know the difference between lemonade/lemon drops/fluffy flakes / & whole wheat cakes