Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Peculier Pub Ponderings & English Lofts

Peculier Pub on Bleeker St , is one of my favorite drinking spots in NYC . Many thanks in full to the one and only Janey for lighting the way towards this particular pub in addition to generally "seeing the laughs for the lofts" when flirting with cute English tourists - not actually residing in looooufts (oh my god I loooove lofts ) but apparently quite full of stories involving lauuuughs . Janey, one day your astute Janique observations /inherent intellectualism/ focused functionalism and perspectives on priorities and marriage stuff will register as valid paths with no error messages. For now they are just filed away under "the ultimate flavored beer over wooden tables creative vocabulary on postcards lessons and related lofty life lessons ".

Peculier Pub Is the perfectly mystic mixture of exotic beer flavors wooden tables/general woodsy decor and heart thawing memories of friendships gone by /renewed and created.Its the perfect place to practice creative ways of elucidating on which letter of the alphabet your referring to, thats F as in Fickle and P as in PMS ....... celebrate milestones /stepping stones/ stumbling blocks and the occasional pitfall.To catch up with old friendships/flirt with tourists from England or just celebrate wrong career choices.There is nothing quite like hovering under wrong assumptions and missed opportunities armed with a Heather Froach Ale or a Woodchuck Draft cider pear flavored ,five friends and an all encompassing resounding multiple toast for holiday cheer consisting of a beer from every state and country .Life is sooooo perfect like that.

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