Monday, November 06, 2006

Innovative Nightlights for Enlightening

Inspiration, awe , jaded, enlightened, love, enthralled , faith ..... emotions in general are basically a jumble of brain wiring /circuitry systems and related chemicals. If the chemical levels are not goin haywire and all circuits and juices are flowing smoothly its smooth sailing sunday at the balanced shore .

Why are some people so complacent, & OK with flourescent lights and winter white ceilings , the utterly mundane,perfectly happy with hum drum and the ordinary, while others crave crystal chandeliers and perfectly pink coral ceilings ,constant stimulation/on the edge thrills / innovation and will only settle for out of the ordinary.

There is so much in life thats expected, but sort of impossible with the living on the edge brain. Is ritalin and adderall really the answer, is coastin on hum drum highway and getting off on ordinary ave, end results that should be incorporated into life's mission statement ?


Brilliantly bitten said...

I know a girl who craves a crystal chandelier but has nowhere to hang it.

That is a pretty serious wiring challenge, Jaded!

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

That is indeed one of the more serious, of the wiring challenges.It is though pretty similar to the excess energy channelling issue. Its just crystals instead of energy which are sort of interchangeable in the metaphorical scheme of things and figuretively speaking.
I think acquiring or being in possession of the chandeliers/excess energy and anything crystal related is just as important as figuring out what to do with said natural resources.Its way better than being dull/bare bulb/ dim witted and energy deficient.
It just gets tricky when you use the wrong channels for energy re-directing and the wrong ceilings for pink crystal chandeliers re-decorating.