Sunday, November 26, 2006

Unadulterated Altruism

Why is "unadulterated" and "altruism" quite the difficult combination to find in a given sequential emotional thought process equation nowadays.
Why are moldy alterior motives running rampant among the fields of altruistic flowers in addition to being overshadowed by the weeds of other forms of neediness like constant sucking up to larger than life beings or even more annoying the plethora of weedy people pleasing junkies ,getting high on consistent recognition and the constant craving for praise /public propping & any brand of acknowledgement available

Why are alterior motives,and distinctly rotten cores the inherent basis of so many acts and orgs of altruism, or do I just keep bumping into the wrong crowds .
Alterior motives is soooo the pure and unadulterated ruin any good the associated altruism would generate.It just paints everything a selfish/self centric shade of egotistical green.
Insecure is also quite the annoying trait. And definitely distinctly related to the new and improved increase of quite a number of less than bright and acutely annoying individuals and related happenstancings.
Sucking up to others will not fix insecurities though.Neither will pretend concern or other pretend/ congenial related acts of goodness done exclusively for surfacey /cosmetic purposes only. Or to distract from a rotten/selfish/phishing for acknowledgement/honor/money/fame/other fun desires and neediness concerns core.
It just further confuses those that think they have found real meaning / pure depth and someone/thing to emulate .
All that sucking up to others cannot be a good thing in the long run.
Real/Truth/Pure/Purpose and Sucking Up/Alterior Motives/Self Centric oriented ..... cannot coexist in the same sequential emotional thought process.
Is unadulterated altruism, goin the way of lofty esoteric traits of the biblical era. And relegated to random /dusty cobweb laced folders , filed away neatly in the musty mindsets of mature individuals that are way too tired to pretend anymore. With the occasional posthumous honorable mention in Absolute Peach Vodka for the mystical myth loving soul stories book , served right after ure done reading chicken soup for the looking for direction soul .........

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Toasted Ryan said...

Wow. Someone had a bitter weekend.