Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crackberry Concepts/ Blackberry Brandy

I soooo cant imagine life without a blackberry. Its currently my most beloved material possession. (my other favorite material possession being my new canon power shot elph sd900 received just in time for the christmas lights and related sparkly happenstancing ) G-d is so good to me every decade or so .

The blackberry is my mobile /versatile/ all encompassing secure know it all (that doesnt ever feel the need to assure me of its know it all status which would ruin so many things ) ........ my slim basic life structure. AnyOne I want to remember/connect with / forget/ignore /AnyThing I need to do/ say/ remember or forget its all in the blackberry.All my secrets/failings/insecurities shortcomings/Pollyana/Care Bear related aspirations/Alice in Wonderland wonderings/Curious George contemplatings /Peter Pan ponderings & tendencies/Sponge Bob perspectives/Strawberry Shorcake idealogies....... its all in the blackberry . When my blackberry begins to doubt me or itself with numb or freezing tendencies thats when I know pits or seeds are in the foreseeable future . I think though I'm ok for now, being that its just been replaced and is quite the epitome of quick. Now with efficient/ new and improved Edge technology. And I always so did and still do love living on the edge .

Sharon Begley had a brilliant article in the Wall Street Journal in 2002 when I was still acutely poor and drooling about the blackberry . I snipped the article out and tacked it on to my fascinating articles for future reference and pondering tackboard near my bed, in true "create a picture of how you envision you life to be and somehow create " fashion. I eventually lost the article in one of my many souvenirs of happenstancings gone by lucite storage bins ........ but google has always been a great friend/educator & article locator =">blackberry branding


Fruitily frum said...

A real blackberry gives nourishment, sweetness, texture. It is ... real. It is the fruit of effort expended by man, in the planting, the fertilizing, the growing, the picking, plus the miracle of creation itself, God's own "effort," if you will.

Unlike a real blackberry, a Blackberry is only a conduit, a vessel. There's no there, there.

A Blackberry is the half of the fun that is getting there. But that half gets stretched thin when "there" is neither getting closer, nor even identifying its location to the traveler, despite all the emails answered and those ignored, the blackberry-flavored bottles emptied and their contents precipitated -- all those virtual berries in a life without not only roots but lacking stems and leaves and fruit, too.

How could you, Jaded, the finest of flora, fall for frankly faux fruit?

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

Unfortunately "faux" seems to be the new real , especially with regards to part two of your lovely blogger namesake.
Structure, is my blackberry's nourishment, initial and constant cost is the effort I exert to acquire and maintain it.As for lack of roots/ source/ connection to real/purpose/direction..... that is quite the disconcerting concern of the decade ,of which there doesnt seem to be any real answers available in the correct formats /tweaked specifically for those that are attracted to pure and unadulterated connections /sources and concepts but can only accept/integrate specific formats and presentations .

fruitily frum said...

Ah, yes, now I see your point. Yes, those pure connections are hard to get without some sort of adapter. And who knows what that's going to do to the reception.