Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Saturated Scarves and Disconcerting Discoveries

Oh my G-d , will the rain ever stop for just a second or two for some visibility ability. So I believe i'm thoroughly soaked and sincerely saturated ,straight through to the depths of my heart. The far reaching influence of the torrential unrelenting rain drops actually include the replenishing of my empty tear ducts with a cup runneth over sort of attitude of refreshing rainwater for future reference. Quite the comforting thought , as you can never have more than enough tears for future reference.I've never forgotten Forrest Gump's "life is like box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get" . Which is quite the profound truism for pondering .............
On the way back , today sitting in a thoroughly drenched huddle of wet clothes and equally wet accessories all dripping in unison, I fell asleep on the train from Essex and ended up all the way on 179th in Queens missing my intended destination stop give or take an hour or so . The rain in NYC today was definitely not your average mystically misty light warm rain on the not your average warm November wednesday.
It was a harsh ,bitter I will screw you with my rain drops till your pants and all layers of clothing including scarf are wetter than the east river .It was quite the in your face raindrop display, not the happiest raindrops around either.Apparently their childhood in the clouds was quite the cloudy experience and not exactly located in rainbow valley. And the no pot of gold situation was not quite the sort of reality they were anticipating hence the outburst.
I cant seem to get dry or warm. Its like my heart was just drenched into a permanent state of cold, hard ,bitter raindrops that will not dry no matter how hard I try covering up with a warm Abercrombie sweatshirts or a pretty knitted perfectly pink coral and purple birthday scarf from a friend . For some reason this sort of fabricated fixing is not working anymore. And that is quite the disconcerting discovery of the day among other new constant discoveries and realizations.

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