Sunday, November 19, 2006

Windows of Wishes & Window Wishing

"Today 5:00 pm" .... Macy's did the unveiling of their legendary holiday windows at 34'th. They have always been quite the holiday window displays.
Window wishing today in the early afternoon hours right before the winter sunset , the windows were mostly covered with promising messages of Harmony/ Beauty/ Joy / Friendship "Today 5:00 pm".
I did get a sneak preview of Joy though.It was quite the window experience.
Holiday decorating and twinkling lights really do warm the bitterly cold weather and outlooks
Just till January though .
Then it's Valentines Day , theres plenty of love/ pink hearts/ glitter and sparkle for purchasing purposes and receiving opportunities .You may even get lucky like me and get unsolicited hershey chocolate kisses in Times Square.

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