Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jaded Topaz Is Not a Big Girl

I'm so better than that just like the fabric store pictured above , BETTER is the way to live !
When I was a kid and behaving like a smaller child/childish or immature, I used to be reprimanded with phrases like "You're a Big Girl Now, or You Know What To Do or What not to Do" . This phraseology always annoyed for so many reasons.
First of all, maybe I was acting immature cuz I didn't know better, or didn't know what to do or not to do.
And maturity is overrated, as is refined, eloquent and elegant.
Gorgeous n Gaudy Gilted Silks / patchwork plaid (not shown) and sequins (previously shown) are way more fun materials to work with. And simple suits are sooooo last seasons sartorial sensation. Patchwork plaid , plenty of sequins and sparkle are what its all about.

And also I'm actually skinny, and not "big" in any way, so there !

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