Sunday, June 04, 2006

Think Pink and ABC carpet&home

There is nothing quite like Pink and ABC Carpet&Home's awesome ethereal take your breath away crystal chandeliers to challenge the very essence of a Jaded piece of Crystal. Sort of a new twist on the trite rose colored glass(es) perspective.If youre ever feelin dim or not very bright a quick tour of this awesome store is all you need for a quick crystal color high . On a brighter note Is optimism really the new and improved Jaded antidote . Personally, I think inherent optimism in and of itself is a wee bit overrated and whole lot way too excessively marketed as the panacea for all Jaded ills.Sometimes the glass is really half empty .... or is it the filled to the brim and keep refilling (perferabley with peach absolute for the just peachy outlook ) that will facilitate in the proper perspective focus.The answer though may very wel be the acquiring of a sparkly pink crystal chandelier to focus on in the endless moments of dim ,jaded and sedated elation .

1 comment:

Midwest Maidel said...

I think this chandelier pic ture is AWESOM and I mean it from every aspect - the girly "wow that is soooo pretty" but also the photographic p-o-v it is very quality and so details!

Excuse my weird foreign guy english constru ction of sentence.

(Please can I crunch your pink ice?)