Sunday, June 04, 2006

Numb as a Bottle of Rum on a Monday Morning ,Adderall part two

The question of the day is how numb and hum drum as a bottle of Bicardi rum on a Monday morning ,will I go for supposed Functionalism aka Adderall . Its always awesome to have enough focus to stop and sniff the roses (such as the pretty in coral one featured here).The question is can one survive without the focus. Is just surviving ok .How robotic,numb and default setting driven am i willing to freeze in the name of medicating for functionalism. In addition to minor, no personality factor to deal with .Is medicating away the personality and driving it far into the sparkly sunset the correct way to channel the excess and wayward emotions of misspent energies and impulses .


Jokey in Skokie said...

OMG LIKE WOW oooh ooh ooh I can't believe I'm the first to cmment YAY!!!!

Uhm. also, crangratulations on yr new bloggity blog! and stuff. Dont think this means I will tell you how to find mine and stuff!!

Are you still working for the dudes at that place?

Ronald Coleman said...

Trippy? I think so.