Monday, June 19, 2006

"Bitter with baggage seeks same"

So its way back in the depths of December I'm sitting all bleary eyed on the subway one bright early morning jaded and disconcerted and not feeling especially glittery or sparkly-
right before sunrise, goin back to Brooklyn on the endless making all local stops route and I notice that two of my favorite authors/Artists in the world Sloane Tanen and Stefan Hegan have their stuff featured on the subway as subway art .I thought that was way way awesome especially cuz their books (the first one titled "Bitter with baggage seeks same") are so cute and the detail and the content on both the image and the quotes are sheer brilliance . Its always brilliant to find the bright in dim.And it makes the day go by way way happier and more sparkly.


Anonymous said...

Some people have a drink on the East Side to help slide the night into the bright!

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

Thats an awesome way to live .There is nothing like fabricating focus and brighter than night lights for a brighter more focused tomorrow and a smoother transition subway train period process.