Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Divine Intervention,Counter Responses and Candy Canes

I love the warmth cheer and holiday decor at Penn station this year.
Also, every now and then I understand, again, that there must be a G-d running the world.
Today for instance I had one minute and thirty seconds to purchase a train ticket and run super quickly towards the correct track, which would take me to a different junction with 3 full minutes to spare for the second half of my train ride.Unfortunately for me instead of a train ticket out came a refund receipt! Replete with machine malfunction apologies and instructions to take it right on over to the nearest customer service rep. I huffily puff my way over to the counter lady who starts finding forms to fill out, I subtly sigh out loud about the train and transfer I need to catch. to which she responds with a request for picture ID. Ok I get it, i'm always just a minute and a moment too late.
I emotionally prepare myself for the hour long wait for the next train, and then it dawned upon me that G-d totally wanted me to spend more time photographing the scenery, instead of catching trains on time. Just look at the pretty candy canes and glitter around this time of year. Life is short, no need to waste minutes running hard to catch the train. Always make time to miss the train and stop and photograph the scenery.
My best Autumn pictures this year were taken in between missed trains and waiting around for the next one.
Hope ure month's been merry so far and may many more merriment moments be waiting right around the corner and mere milli-moments away.
Amen! cubed.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Looks like upside down "J"s -- as in JJ.

What's going on?

Jaded Topaz said...

That is a good point.
Reminds me of someone I used to know in a whole different lifetime era.Doing a then and now essay would make a fine piece of ironic and sardonic humor.
And you ?

Anonymous said...

A whole different lifetime? So, you are reincarnated now?