Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jaded's Ladder

When life gives you a unstable plywood oriented ladder laminated with a thin veneer of musty maple for climbing, with less than sturdy rungs and rusty camlock screw cores for focus, just continue collecting sparkledust specks of lovingkindness/ glitter outlooks of goodness /& iridescent bubbles and bulbs.You may not be goin up in the rungs of life, but at least you have the glitter of goodness to distract and detract from just how far sideways your not soaring. Just be certain the tin cans of caring ure trusting with all your glitter and sparkle bubbles and belief bulbs of sudsy aspirations ,dont have no rusty outlooks and tinily understand how u want to spread the light of iridescent insights in colorful presentations of depth/ function /focus and purpose. Then it doest really matter if your adhering to the proverbial linear upward ladder rung trailways .Sometimes lateral sidetracking can also pave the way towards total unadulterated altruism / runaway everwhere lovingkindness and hyper happiness .

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