Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tuesday in a Tizzy

So accomplishments for Tuesday include but R not limited to the following :
1) While waiting for a tardy friend to show up , I think I was mistaken for a prostitute by a religious looking individual. I guess my bitchy comebacks assured him I was not interested in flirting with him, his furry looking hat and not that hungry for paid love either. I attract the most interesting sexual energy sometimes.
2) I got good pictures of holiday merriment and funky decor in broad daylight.
3) I found my favorite shade of coral and red mix sweatshirt on sale at the Gap.
4) My camera has this awesome setting for christmas lights .

5) I almost have a new cubicle of the week .
6) I hope I can convince them to include crystal colored chandeliers in their general product ,manufacturing /importing and promoting. Maybe I can get them to hang one over my new cubicle .

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