Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quintessential Quixote Quoting

"He jumped up on his horse and rode off in all directions" Don Quixote .
I love this quote, mostly cuz its basically my soul's slogan.
Its definitely the default mission statement, pre-programmed on my neuronal circuitry system's hard drive. The quintessential question though still remains , what would be considered a greater inherent life accomplishment: acquiring many different quaint cubicle positions in a short amount of space and time, or occupying one cubicle for a long stretch of space and time. Is it the diversity and the knowledge acquired in the different fabric/plexicrap paneled cubicles and the impressive talent used to attain those flexible panels of days gone by, or the consistency and ability to sit in one cubicle and focus on one individual companys keyboard and mission statement until the end of time and space and or other natural distractions like power outages/coming of the kids and arrival of a husband or two .

I guess the first question is : what are you using to build your cubicle curriculum ? Is it a flexible panel system the "Rolling Wall" or something more permanent like a complicated Tayco built in panel system .
Second question is what color is your cubicle : Fading Fabric/Focused Crystal Clear Plexiglass/Colorful disarray of everywhere/everything/mission statements/rules and art.
Third: What sort of cubicle curriculum ethic are you modeling your career after : A Runaway Cubicle Quitter/Cubicle Sitter/Cubicle Coordinater/Cubicle Fixer/Cubicle Lover/Cubicle Acquirer/Cubicle Owner/Cubicle Decorater/Cubicle Creater.
Or Union Square Booth Lady.


Toasted Ryan said...

Quintessentially quaint.

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

Perfectly profound wordplay.
Quaint was my favorite word for a while.I used to stick it into conversations whenever applicable and even when less than applicable.
It reminds me of one of my many recurring pipe dreams. The one where I suddenly end up purchasing and owning a quaint pink victorian cottage with turrets and a wrap-around porch.And the pink picket fence and rambling rose bushes the one with the a plethora of zinnia and petunia patches instead of grass.There is also a gazebo covered in pink icicle lights.Yeah that pipe dream. Quite the qaint pipe dream if I may say so myself.

Toasted Ryan said...

Kind of hard to enjoy that kind of place when you're riding off in all directions

Anonymous said...

Love this line:

what color is your cubicle?