Saturday, December 02, 2006

Disconcerting Starry Concern of the Decade

After sunset , amid the perfect holiday season, sparkling and twinkling with my favorite color concept in the world - (The endless array of decorative multi-colored christmas lights - creating the perfect fusion of sparkle twinkle color and happy), is a not so minor holiday merry mood damper & glitter/ shimmer dimmer. The current disconcerting starry concern of the decade, is contemplating the sort of stars that were applauding or booing my arrival into this almost wonderful world. These were definitely not your run of the mill not so very lucky stars . They were in fact, most likely stars of pure & unadulterated unlucky starry descent. The kind of stars that facilitate in constant/consistent happenstancings involving the distinctly disconcerting "never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity" slogan attributed to a certain political character and other related not so glittery and sparkly happy happenstancings.
The question is are these stars fixable. Is there some way of medicating their starry negative traits and unlucky energies into glittery positive traits and sparkle dust lucky four leaf clover related energies.
Or is a dark inky sky, a shade darker than the darkest onyx & scattered with unlucky stars/rough black diamond rocks that dont twinkle or sparkle /& adorned w/ equally unlucky starry outlooks , is this the not so fabulous or even fadingly funky foreseeable future I should be looking forward to.


Toasted Ryan said...

You can fix your mazal, Jaded. "The fault lies not within our stars but within ourselves." Of course when Shakespeare wrote that he didn't know about the wide world of neurological wiring options. So it's not a fault issue, see? But you need to change the reception you're getting from the stars. Avoid tinfoil; on the other hand, you may enjoy tinsel, which is of course related on the evolutionary scale and fits your theme. You may also want to try changing the angle of your reception dish to a different intergalactic frequency.

Or try yoga, maybe. Work with me here.

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

I've tried different wiring options including wireless and have come to the conclusion that its not the wiring its the energy its attracting . The energy is a predestined sort of energy and as such will be attracted to the set of wiring/simple soul/beloved brain it was hard wired to connect with, no matter how hard or different the wiring/soul/brain is rewired/changed and retrained, its still not changin as the intended end user recipient of unlucky starry energy in question.There is no changing destiny.Everything is pre-programmed.You can mess with the coding it will only result in message errors and faulty coding but unlike blogger it will publish the piece of html tagged under LIFE with error message using the original coding given at birth. So basically the brain's original coding is still valid and the original color /font /message/image, and outlook is still your destiny even though you think your fiddling around changing stuff.... your changes wont stick or affect the original coding. So why bother trying to fix the coding or pretend you know how to enhance the coding with a whole new colorful image and better presentation for perfect living.

Toasted Ryan said...

Try rabbit ears.