Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cloudy Sunsets & December Rose Buds

There is definitely something sooo magical and ethereal about a perfectly pink rose bud blooming under a cloudy December sunset in New York. It singlehandedly redefines the colorless sunset ,coloring the cloudy black and white Friday evening a pretty shade of think pink.


Toasted Ryan said...

Hope is the thing with petals.

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

"Hope" is for those of the Pollyana Persuasion.Reality usually involves action and related aspirations.Using this perfectly pink rose bud in a New York December as an example, there are different options for survival/ growth potential and maybe a whole new community of rose bushes, bearing perfectly pink blooms.Options like a)snip and place indoors in pretty pink glass vase b) snip and hang upside for drying purposes only c)leave on bush and allow weather & wind to frostbite into a perpetual state of frozen frostbite d) snip and replant in a whole new warmer, friendlier climate among other rose bushes that also love warmth and sun all year round.