Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stringin along on the Strands of Time

I thought this was quite the lovely coral display on lower Broadway in the beads of plenty and cheap perfume district.The only question is what made those pretty strung along lights go dim among the pretty coral strands.Or were they just not in the mood of sparkling anymore especially during the day when there is all that conflicting messages of saw the light or redefining of saw the light sunlight already out there. So basically there's usually a plethora of figuretive lighthouses all with their own versions of beckoning/blinding light and enchanting ideologies and promises of safe shores and acute connection. Then you've got a plethora of Lighthouse nay-keepers redefining the lighthouses in question and pointing out all the inconsistencies / conflicting ideologies /general flawed theories /mystical myopic oriented myths and falsehoods/fairytales eagerly absorbed by those of the Pollyana Persuasion who are only too happy to be strung along on the strands of brightly colored myopic myth and the blue and white tinsel of timeless traditions.

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