Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sparkle Dust Overdose / Vexing Verbosity Ventings

Soooo can't get enough of the sparkle dust and glitter happenstancings. I think I qualify for the most cubicles occupied in a given square foot of time.Its not the actual attaining of the coveted positions of Cubicle Wanderingdom, its maintaining them. The winds of perpetual boredom and the general existence of vexing verbosity concerns ... yeah its that kind of stuff that mostly paints the whole cubicle picture in a hazy shade of runaway red.Will I ever stop running from boring cubicles and related happenstancings. I guess I need to harness the art of embracing boredom .
I should at least get an award for the quite impressive array of cubicle curriculums i've managed to start but not finish. Finishing stuff is overrated.Why finish what you started when you can start a whole new something.


Toasted Ryan said...

I hereby bestow that award on you, Crystal! It is called the New Tractate Award.

Jaded Pink Crystal said...

Toasted Ryan , I will soooo frame that award.And hang it up in my next cubicle of the week and all the cubicles thereafter.It could be the one stable component in the cubicle quitters curriculum for succesful cubicle wandering and runawaying.Sort of like the lighthouse or bible a incomprehensible understanding of why we do or dont or dont know why we should be or shouldt be doing or not doing or wondering about.Just keep running and dont look back gets confusing that way.especially if you trip.If you trip though you might have to look back especially if the tripping keeps on tripping.not a good thing but i'm sure keeping sight of the award would probally keep everything in perspective and subsequently avoid the tripping that hurts so much.

Toasted Ryan said...

Stop by my cubicle and pick it up!